Nala Reveals Her Sublime “Sirens” In New EP

We’re not usually fans of sirens but we’re making an exception for the new EP of the same name by Nala. A highly established name on the US electronic DJ circuit, more recently she has been making a shift into production. We declared her recent single from the collection, “Gravity,” a must-hear track and she now gives us more reason to rate her with the rest of Sirens. 

Alongside the previously mentioned “Gravity” you can find “Telepathy,” a vocal-fleck soother and “Paradox,” which nudges in more of a percussive focus. Completing the set of four is “Delirium,” which proves irresistible via muted instrumental and vocal additions that cascade in and out of its surging backbone.

Nala says of this project: “It took me a long time to complete this project. Primarily because I was learning the entire process by myself – everything from discovering my ‘sound’ to finding collaborators to determining what a good mix and master sounds like for me. I’m excited to have gone through this process and learn so much about what it takes to write an EP, and I’m happy to finally be able to share myself with people.”

Stream Nala’s Sirens below.

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