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Cracking a competitive exam is not a small task as it requires one to be smart, knowledgeable, sharp with great learning abilities. In the haste of cracking the examination, we try to equip ourselves with almost everything but often forget that technology and so many other parallel things are also moving with fast speed.

Every day or better say every second new thing is happening, old things are getting a makeover, some are dying and some are thorned and so on. Hence, one needs to be very well versed with current affairs and should have a sound knowledge of things happening around on a daily basis.  

General knowledge and current affairs are not limited to let students score great percents in the competitive exams but also meant to increase one’s overall knowledge. To increase one’s knowledge, newspaper, books, magazines, social media are the best way. But at the same time, it is also not possible to stick to television screens or keep reading newspapers and magazines to gain everyday knowledge,

This is the reason, to overcome such a situation, it is mandatory to have a portable and easy solution. And that easy and portable solution is mobile applications. GK and Current Affairs based mobile applications are the best way to get great information about almost everything. And no doubt, there are a number of people around the globe using these apps for enhancing their overall knowledge.

Hence, if you are also sensing the potential of mobile apps and planning to develop an application for your business, make sure to hire the best and reliable mobile app development company to get the desired result.

Though you will surely be going to lay your guidelines according to your understanding but including great features into your application can help you in great lengths. Let us figure out these features one by one-

Keep your user updated

Users find mobile application the easiest and portable way to know about the things in just a click. And if you are offering them GK based mobile application, it is important for you to understand that you need to make your users aware of things happening on a daily basis.

According to Statista, Android users were able to select between 2.1 million apps whereas Apple’s App Store remained the second-largest app store with almost 1.8 million available apps. The numbers are showing the competition in the market and if users have installed your mobile application for getting up-to-date information and knowledge, it becomes your responsibility to provide them the same.


There are so many professionals who are also preparing for competitive examination and then there are students who sometimes do not find the time to open the application for the latest information.

In such a situation, to beat the stress and issue, make sure to offer your users notifications. Push notifications regarding the latest updates and news every day or whenever there is. In this way, you will always make your user aware and also, it will become easy for the users to look up to the notifications first and open the application the next moment.

Meanwhile, adding some sort of icon or notification bell can bring in more attention to the user in the mobile application which will ensure users that there is something new to know.

While hiring the mobile app building company, make sure to know other aspects of the mobile application like the cost of developing an app, time is taken to develop an app and many more.

Various segments

Science, literature, sports, history, geography, economics, finance, etc when together combined make General knowledge and Current affairs. Hence, make sure that your mobile application should have different segments dedicated to a particular subject.

Offering various segments as per the subject will make users check out the information easily. In this way, the user will open the segment in which he/she is interested.

Most of the apps available in the market are solely dedicated to a particular subject but if you tend to offer them everything under the single application, it will become easier for the user to get everything at once. Thus, instead of downloading many apps, users will simply prefer your app as they will get everything in a single mobile application.

Link the threads

There is linked news that keeps coming up on a particular subject and if your user is reading the last linked news instead of starting from the very first one, it will become difficult for the user to understand the whole gist of the information or news.

To make the situation less complicated and clumsy, make sure to link the news/information thread with the earlier one. In this way, it will become easy for the user to understand the news or any other related information in a much easier and simpler way.

A bonus read

History is full of days, months, and years filled with something important or events that took place.  And it is obvious that not every person is very well aware of these important events and happenings.

Hence, if you try to include a special segment offering your users regarding every day happening and events that took place in history, it will be like an added bonus to your application and to your users.

Put minimal fees

Of course, you are adding so many features in your application and it is your right to get some sort of benefit in the end, be it in terms of a number of downloads, financial benefits and many more.

Hence, if you are majorly focusing on the ROI factor, ask for a minimal fee from the user once they want more in-depth details of the particular subject or topic. In this way, there will always be room for a continuous source of income.


GK and Current affairs based mobile application are in the trend and it is the right time to take advantage of such a situation to establish your brand in the market. 

Putting the above-mentioned features in your mobile application will popularize your mobile application among users along with making you ahead in the market always.

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