Everything You Need to Know about Water Storage

Water storages are a useful thing for not only drinking but for a household to industrial works. For so many years the water crisis is a dangerous thing which is happening in so many countries. Can you think of one day without water? The answer will be no, so, here, the human race has to think of the ways they can prevent the misuse of this one thing that is capable of saving billions of lives, and store it properly so that it can come to use.

Some days ago, you must have got the news of South India faced a critical issue of water deficiency, as the rivers and canals have dried up, and no proper water source could be found. You have seen in the news people are standing in lines with their pots for water. This is a dreadful condition in a country, and all of the people who are living in that continent should take steps to prevent this thing and store water in any way possible. So, here, check the ways you can do that.

Steel jars

Rust is not an option if you are thinking of using stainless steel jars. This will help you store water for a long time and it will also be a safe option too. Here, you have to keep in mind that, if you are storing the municipality water from the tap in the jars, they may get the stain of iron and there will be excessive chlorine in it. For this issue, you can fit a filter at the mouth of the tap, or channel the water pipe with a good water purifier system in your home or office. You can also check the water purifier price for the task. 

Glass jars

If you have excess water in your home, then store it in glass jars. As it’s not plastic so there will be fewer chances of it getting polluted by the external environment. However, keep the jars away from heat. If you store drinking water in the same it will also look good in on your dining table.

Plastic jars

You will find different sizes of plastic jars available in the local market. You will even find hard plastic tanks for home. You can have any of that, and store water in them. If you have purchased the same, you must clean them properly, because they are coming from the factory and can have harmful chemicals in them. Thus, clean them and then store water in it. After that, you can keep the excess in bottles for drinking purpose, but before that purify the same.

Huge water tanks

Big offices and a large house need a huge water tank always. This storage will give you the supply of all day long water and in office too. To save your hometown from deficiency, you can store rainwater in these large tanks, and these will help in the better way and people won’t have to stand in lines to get a drop of water.

Nearby wells

This is an old but very effective way of storing water for an entire society. In the older days, there used to be wells and pools to store water for an entire village. These days these things like wells are vanishing rapidly, but you have to take initiative to make use of these and store water in them for a longer time. However, wells can also get poisoned and for that, you have to clean the water after some period.

Store-bought water jars

While you are traveling you need to have purified water always, and for this, you need to buy store water bottles. Before you purchase them to check the seal and look for the company name too.

Your backyard pool

Nowadays, people have pools in their house, and if you have the same, use that place to store water. Before you clean the pool, you need to think of using the water in some other works. Try not to was the same, and make purify them for some other tasks in the house or your area as well.

Avoid mistakes in water storing

You are storing water as much as you can, and you are content thinking that you’re doing great work. Indeed it is, but have you given a thought about the purification of the same? All of the storages where water is stored they probably not the pure thing, so you need to check things first.

  • The water is clean but it has a yellow tinge in it. Make sure that this is not the pure thing you just stored. If you are thinking of distributing the same into people, you must pure them by a water purifier first.

  • Before you buy a store-bought bottle of water you need to check the time frame of it. Although do not have any kind of expiration date, but the day’s old water can have a side effect on your health.

  • If you store water in the wrong way it can a be dangerous effect on you. There are chances you will get affected by diseases which may not have a solution. You need to avoid things such as storing water in a food-grade container

  • You will find hardware store water tanks but they are not proper for storing the same, because they are not made to keep water or food in them.

  • Before you store water in a food-grade container, you have to check the recycle symbol on it, and check the signs of freezer-safe option too.

  • You should not store water in a container which has been previously used to store food items. It can be soda bottles, milk, or oil any kind of chemicals. No matter how much you clean them they will not be free from harmful particles.

  • If you are trying to store water for a long term purpose, you must not choose cardboard containers. Also, avoid metallic ones, if they are not made of stainless steel. Normal meta will get rust and this will not be good for anyone’s health.

  • You must avoid water jars or bottles which doesn’t have options for sealing. If the container has no lid, it might get affected by the environmental pollutants. Also, check the containers have any chance to get contaminated by any source.

Keep the water source and the storage from direct sunlight, and store them in underground cellars to keep that away from getting spoiled.

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