Play Nintendo games with iOS emulator

If you are interested in playing your Nintendo games with an iOS emulator, it is no doubt that you are a big fan of Nintendo. You reminisce the good times you had playing the old versions of Nintendo you probably played in your childhood. Nintendo back in the time was incredibly popular, not to say that it is not still popular. As a matter of fact, Nintendo enthusiasts have been looking for ways to relive their past fun gaming days. While this is the case, it is not as easy as they would like to.

Technology has changed and past versions cannot be played using modern playing versions ( for that you must know why game porting is important nowadays). However, with an iOS emulator, this should not be a problem. An iOS emulator is an app or software that fools the iPhone into assuming it is another computer, game console or machine. You can then run the games of the emulated machine on your iOS. Therefore, you can play your old Nintendo games on your iPhone once you run your iOS on an emulator.

How to Download iOS Emulator?

You will have to go to iOS Emulator for iOS without jailbreak first. The following steps will guide you:

  • Tap on the app installer Install Now

  • Click Install on the popup window

  • Exit Safari Browser and the icon of iOSEmus will appear on your home screen

  • In a few minutes, iOSEmus will be installed

  • Once the installation is complete, launch iOSEmus from home screen.

  • Once in, tap the install tab which will first load data.

  • Here you will find a list of tweaked apps where you will scroll down looking for nds4ios

  • A green checkmark next to it means that the app can be installed

  • In the final step follow the instructions on the screen to install it on your iOS device.

Why Choose iOS Emulator?

Choosing an iOS emulator is preferable as it has been around for a while. It is also preferred because installing emulators is an easy process, uses controllers and ROMs.

iOS emulators can come with everything required to create an app. You can simulate different a version of an iPhone because the iOS enables you to build, install and run iOS apps. For instance, you can pick devices such as an iPad or iPhone 8. This will be demonstrated to you as the app’s layout changes when different devices run it.

With iOSEmus web app store, you are not required to jailbreak for iOS devices as you would traditionally do. It is widely known in the field of Emulators with its good old games as well as its emulators, where you can play everything from Pokemon to Jackpot City. iOSEmus has been developed and produced fully by air and those that use the app can enjoy vintage games like Nintendo and iOS tweaks and not necessarily having to install Cydia.

What are the Errors You can face

One of the main errors you can face is “Untrusted Enterprise Developer”. Until iOS 8 the error option had on the pop-up message the option to trust the particular developer. However, iOS 9 and above made changes and you have to visit the app profile. The detailed instructions are:

  • You have to go to settings, tap general the profile and device management

  • Find the app profile of the installed app under the enterprise app section

  • Once located, tap the trust button and confirm that by tapping one more time

  • On the home screen, you can finally launch the app without restriction

You will also need to install ROM files to play games. It is very easy to download Nintendo Game ROMs. Simply:

  • Do a google search on Safari search engine and add it to nds4ios

  • Tap the download link of your game of choice and ROM will start downloading on Safari immediately. Pay attention to the loading indicator as you will not get explicit information that it is downloading. It takes longer to load as it is usually large so do not quit but rather stay patient during the process

  • The option to open the ROM in nds4ios will appear. Select it and you see the game on your emulator


iOSEmus is a great app Emulator where you will find paid Nintendo console for iOS of various kinds for free.

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