What To Expect In A Sub-Dom Relationship

A branch of BDSM, Dominance and Submission is also known as kink by many. More about power rather than physical sensation, sub-dom relationships give excitement to those who love the thrill of power and it adds spice to the sex life as well. Quite common in our society nowadays, sub-dom relations have one person dominating the other, adding some power play into their sex life.

Sub-Dom relations have the couple sticking to the same role every time they play, or they might even exchange their roles on different occasions. Often in pre-arranged scenes, the dominant person orders the submissive around, ordering them to massage them or serve them food, to even restraint and punish them in some way. Couples in sub-dom relations also act out power-based roles such as teacher and student or pirate and captive.

Often in sub-dom relations, we see couples performing their roles for longer durations such as on vacations, and few even have round the clock arrangements and cater their lifestyle as per sub-dom rules. The media often portrays BDSM as abuse and madness, but that is quite a negative view, as BDSM’s main rule is consent. Even in Subs and Doms relationships, two willing adults have to discuss their sexual fantasies, desires and expectations before getting into the game.

Since communication and consent is the key, couples generally talk first about the roles that want to play and the things they want to try. Sharing erotic thoughts and stories, at times even images work well for couples, and it is certainly very important to go into things that the individuals really want to try, and not feel forced or obliged into doing so. Without consent or keeping safety rules in mind, any BDSM act can get harmful and dangerous.

A sub-dom lifestyle can also positively affect a married couple too. If both the individuals are open to the idea of BDSM, it can add massive amounts of zing to their married life. Many a times couples fall apart due to the lack of variety in their life, and sub-dom acts can turn up the heat and bring the romance back into their married life. Many couples also make arrangements to try out open marriages and even enjoy swinging dom-sub partners.

Many people also find it hard to express themselves and communicate their sexual fantasies to their partners, and at times their partners unfortunately might not be into a sub-dom lifestyle. It is important to find a partner who is willing to explore the same world of kink as you. One of my friends tried mistress dating and says that it was the best decision of his life. He was able to date a woman who wanted a sub-dom relation too, and they both exchanged roles often. The woman being more experienced than him, taught a lot about BDSM to my friend, and that according to him is the best sexual escape and fantasy life has been able to offer to him.

He even goes on to say that sub-dom acts have provided him sexual satisfaction more than any other act.

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