Despite the beautiful titles wedding songs have, some of them are songs not to play at a wedding. This is something you’ll put into consideration when picking songs for every stage of the wedding from processional till the reception. Titles can be quite deceptive, so you must have a playlist and a do not playlist wedding songs.

Move away from the title and study the lyrics, and you’d be in for a shock. From highly sexual inappropriate songs, to break up songs, psycho songs and more. We’ve got the lot of them on our list, ten in all. And if you want to prevent a wedding mishap, shelve these wedding song ideas on your do not playlist.

  1. Sexy love by Neyo

This is a beautiful song by the lyricist Neyo. But it ranks for songs you don’t play at a wedding. The lyrics are subtly sexual and could make guests uncomfortable. He says something like “sexy love, all the things you do, keeps me sprung… Oh, I love, making love to you”. This isn’t something you’d want your guests to listen to at a wedding, especially if there are kids. So, do not play it at the wedding, but for a bachelorette party, it’s a win.

  1. Irreplaceable by Beyoncé

We see the title “irreplaceable”, and it looks positive. Well, it’s one of the worst wedding songs ever. This is a song that’s talking about hurt, separation, and moving on in a flash. It says “I can have another you in a minute, a matter of fact he’ll be here any minute”… It says “don’t you ever for a second get thinking, you’re irreplaceable”. You’re only just getting married, and the plan is not to replace your beloved anytime.

  1. Make you feel my love by Adele

Adele is the queen of break up songs. So, before you think of featuring her song on your amongst your playlist, think twice. Make you feel my love is one of the songs not to play at a wedding. It’s a song of tears, loneliness, and consolation. Your wedding is not a heartbreak hotel.

  1. No air by Jordin Sparks

The line “losing you is like living in the world with no air” canceled the song. We love this song and would have recommended for wedding songs 2020. The title, “no air” depicts a love so strong that it feels like air when they aren’t there. But the lyrics threw us off. It’s a song of pain, unhappiness, heartbreak, and hopelessness. Do not play.

  1. I will survive by Gloria Gaynor

I will survive is a bad wedding song to play at a wedding. The title tells it all, as it’s a total opposite of what your wedding symbolizes. You’re not surviving, you’re living. And the lyrics say “walk out the door!” This isn’t what you want for a wedding, so shove it into the do not playlist.

  1. Bootylicious by Beyoncé

Unless you’re down at the club and having a romp with the boys, do not play this song. It’s one of the worst wedding songs that you can play at your nuptials. It should never even get on your playlist. Talk about “do you wanna boogie with me? Say you can handle me… Cause I don’t think they’re ready for that jelly from them boys.” Oh no! It’s such an inappropriate wedding song.


  1. Every breath you take by the Police

You think psycho, you think stalker, that’s what this song is. Though a deceptive title, the lyrics are quite scary. It says “every breath you take… every bond you break… I’ll be watching you. Oh, can’t you see you belong to me?” The song screams possessive, stalker and psychotic.

  1. The sweetest thing by U2

This is a heartbreak song, where someone is losing the one they love. Unless you want to turn your wedding into a cry space, this is one of the most inappropriate songs. Check the lyrics, “she won’t catch me or break my fall. You know she likes a dry kind of love. I’m losing you. Ain’t love the sweetest thing.” Yes, love is indeed the sweetest thing, but not through so many tears.

  1. I will always love you by Whitney Houston

This is one of the songs not to play at a wedding. Bad wedding song that could leave the guests stunned and uneasy. The lyrics say “bittersweet memories, which is all I’m taking with me… I hope life treats you kind…” This is heartbreak, acceptance, and goodbye song. Never play it at a wedding.

  1. Nothing compares to you by Sinead O’Connor

The song title “nothing compares to you” could have you shove the song on your wedding playlist. But pause and listen to the lyrics and you’d change your mind. It’s a break up sad song where the singer even counts time, how long they’ve been apart. It’s a sad song that should make your do-not-play wedding list.

Above are ten songs not to play at a wedding. For a memorable and uneventful wedding, stay away from them.

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