What Do You Need to Know about Monitoring Solar Panel?

You probably know the benefits of security system monitoring because you’ve used one. Its efficiency in protecting your home is impressive.

Monitoring the performance of a solar system is essential, too. You can detect any possible failures and take care of it before you make any losses in your production.

The Apple Company widely relies on renewable energy. Suppose they don’t monitor the production of the renewable system; if the system halts, it will lead to an unpredictable loss.

If a company like Apple uses renewable energy, it’s time for you to take advantage of the New Mexico solar tax credits and install your solar system. Moreover, install and monitor your order so that you prevent the unpredictable outcome.

How Does Monitoring Work?

When installing a solar panel, you’ll be required to buy the panel, battery, and inverter. The inverter contains software that enables monitoring. So, besides monitoring, an inverter converts DC to AC that is applicable. During the process of converting the currents, the software setup installed in the inverter transfers the information to the cloud monitoring system.

The person responsible for energy production or the homeowner can access the information sent to the cloud through an app installed on your phone or by pairing the home devices. Also, you can use a wire to connect to the inverter to a home-based monitoring device.

Another critical point to note, you can connect your phone to the cloud via cellular technology that allows you to access solar monitoring information without Wi-Fi.

However, if you choose a Wi-Fi dependent monitoring like a micro-inverter, you can only monitor the solar system when there is a Wi-Fi connection. Certainly, you can still run your business by using solar energy, thus you have to consider the benefits of New Mexico solar tax credits and install your panels, while they are still affordable.

What Does Your Solar Monitoring System Display?

Energy consumption, optimizing energy uses, and generation of energy are some of the displays the monitoring system provides. Also, a monitoring system can identify any damages on the solar system, which helps you to plan or maintenance or replacement of the solar panels.

Additionally, a monitoring system can derive a performance of the solar system based on the weather of a specific day. This helps you identify measures you should apply when faced with similar weather in the future, primarily if during the past, it affects the production of your company.

Types of Monitoring System

Each panel installer has the kind of inverter they use. Nonetheless, they use similar technology.

Some inverters are located under an individual solar panel. So the monitoring system in the inverter transfers the information it collects to the cloud or nuclear device. The data is then moved to your mobile app. There are other monitoring systems, and the best person to advise them is the solar panel installer because they know the best monitoring system for each panel.


If your business uses several solar panels, it’s essential to monitor each and identify whether they are working efficiently. Fortunately, you can receive the monitored information in your mobile app every 15 minutes. So, you’ll note the difference in the performance of your panel and determine whether the panel is of good quality.

The information you gain also helps you choose a solar panel in case you need replacement.

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