Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

With Sugar, there wasn’t one particular event at all, it was just a feeling I had at the time. The feeling of love, being intoxicated by it. I was playing around with different vocal styles and flows, and from that emerged what is now Sugar! Funnily enough, it came together in just a day or two.

Can you tell us about the process that went into writing and recording ‘Sugar’?

Sure. The beat was cooked up by myself, my homie and the super talented Sleepdealer. I was entranced with it and knew whatever I approached it with had to be something special. So came away, wrote the lyrics. Then we had a talented friend of ours (Trevor Haines) come in and do guest saxophone. And I added some silky keys to polish it off in the end, and voila! As I said, came together pretty quickly!

What role does South London play in your music?

It’s where I’ve grown up and been exposed to so many different people and cultures. I’m lucky in that. The jazz scene here at the moment is incredible for example, so many great young musicians doing their thing. In the same way, there are incredible rappers emerging from South London too. It’s a crazy place and it has it’s reputation, but I’m proud to be from there.

What benefits do you think you personally have being a totally independent artist?

 I get to decide what I do and when. That creative autonomy is important to me. I also own all the rights to my own music. The legals are important too! But don’t let me fool you into thinking being totally independent is at all easy. It’s important to learn everything about ‘the industry’ so you can’t be duped too easily by others, but it’s a long, painful and lonely road out there sometimes.You just have to believe in yourself and believe in your music. Perseverance is key.

What disadvantages have you faced in the creation and release of ‘Sugar’ as a totally independent artist?

Budget. Without a doubt. On any given day of release, you are competing with labels or artist who can throw around thousands and thousands on a single release. And you’re left like…hmm, how do I compete with that? It all comes down to how creative you can get with your time management, marketing etc. I guess the problem with that is as an independent artist you also have to manage own affairs, so when it comes to effectively promoting/sharing your music, you aren’t left with the time. And most of that time, you will be trying to find the funds. That’s the grind and it sure ain’t easy!

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – and how’s that coming along?

Oh yes! I’m sitting on an album. Just finalising video shoots and other aspects of release scheduling and it’s going to be ready to be showcased.

Are there any plans to hit the road with a live show?

I just got back from some shows in Asia, which were amazing! No tours planned currently. But there are quite a few shows lined up with my crew SeeOur7 as well as some solo shows here in the UK. Come catch a vibe!

Are there any tentative release dates or a title in mind for your next release?

No specific release dates in mind. But in the next month or two for sure, so keep your eyes peeled;)

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