Growth Hormone Use In Hollywood

Human growth hormone is certainly not a new thing. It’s been in therapeutic use for so many years and most people have achieved amazing benefits after using it. Nonetheless, it’s been reaching our attention that more and more actors in Hollywood are now taking GH with dramatic effects on muscularity and low, ripped body fat levels.

First and foremost, let’s consider the many hours these TV personalities have to put up rehearsing onset and offset. This wears them down. In addition to this, they have to remain in shape or even work out towards character building. They need to emulate the character traits of the roles they are playing.

This means hours in the gym training and hours rehearsing. Let’s take, for instance, Chris Hemsworth who featured in Thor, The Avengers, and many other heat movies on the big screen. The guy had to work out really hard to achieve a ripped physique. Manu Bennet had to also get in shape to feature in Spartacus.

Famous actor Sylvester Stallone, who when being interviewed by Matt Lauer back in 2008, defended the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), stating that it is an important hormone that helps him to be in shape as well as the fact that “…it really helps beat off the wear and tear that your body takes from your day-to-day activities and workouts. The power to recuperate is very, very limited. So, all it does is expedite,” he said.

HGH Popularity in Hollywood

In Hollywood, you’ll find different types of growth hormone products:  prescription GH and natural dietary supplements that release GH in the body.  The synthetic types of growth hormone are not to be confused with supplements found at GNC, or online like MetRX or GenF20 Plus – top rated 2019.

No, celebrities were caught using the real deal: synthetic, prescription-grade human growth hormone.

On the contrary, some actors are using HGH to improve their overall health and appearance. They’ve realized that using the right HGH supplements will help to improve their quality of life by melting away body fat, fighting wrinkles, and boosting muscle recovery after working out.

Hollywood celebrities are no different from the rest of us. We all age and when this happens, the production of natural growth hormone in our bodies decreases. In fact, by the time we are hitting 30, our bodies can only produce about 20% of the HGH produced at childhood. At 60, it gets even worse and we may begin to experience the following problems:

  • Fatigue

  • More body fat

  • Less muscle

  • Loss of strength

  • Decrease in brain function

  • Decrease in bone density

This has contributed to so many people within the age bracket of 45-60 to opt for human growth hormone therapy. However, taking HGH doesn’t automatically turn you into Mr. Olympia or  a supermodel. You’ll need to change some lifestyle habits and eat healthy. In addition to this, you also need to ensure that you are exercising regularly and going for regular medical checkups.

Benefits Associated With HGH

The human growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland and is a naturally occurring hormone in our bodies. It’s an important hormone for growth, cell reproduction and regeneration, and maintaining healthy organs. HGH has also been found to improve the appearance of the skin, one of the main reasons as to why it’s preferred by Hollywood celebrities, older men and women.

Human growth hormone is sold as a dietary supplement containing ingredients that the manufacturers claim to be HGH releasers. There are also drug manufacturers who are selling HGH in an injectable form. The most popular forms of HGH are injected under the skin (subcutaneously) and intramuscularly and are said to provide the following benefits:

  • Increased muscular strength

  • Stronger bone structure

  • Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases

  • Better cognitive functions

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Weight loss

  • Better tissue and bone healing

  • Improved libido

It’s also been noticed that more women than men are into HGH because of its weight loss and anti-aging properties. This should explain the increase in the use of HGH in Hollywood. In women, HGH levels begin to decrease in their early 20’s and they start to show the following signs:

  • Thin hair

  • Accumulation of fat on the waistline

  • Development of wrinkles

The case is different in men as they tend to experience the first symptoms of HGH decline at age 35, some of which may include weakness, low libido, memory loss, and baldness. Men who opt for HGH therapy confess to achieve an increase in physical strength, improved erectile function, healthier hair, and reduction in fat.

Natural Ways to Increase HGH

There are various side effects that come with using HGH. Some of these include swelling of legs and arms due to fluid retention, numbness, tumors, enlarged internal organs, mood changes, and carpal tunnel syndrome, just to name a few. To avoid this, there are various ways to increase HGH naturally, Some of which include the following:

  1. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training): Research has found that high-intensity exercises can increase your HGH levels from 100% to 300%. This is the case when you use as many of your muscle fibers as possible. We all have time constraints due to our busy schedules. This is the reason why physicians advocate for high-intensity interval training because it doesn’t eat up much of your time.

  2. Laughter: It’s been found that a good dose of laughter can increase the secretion of human growth hormone and endorphins by 27% to 87%. So any chance you get to laugh, don’t hold back.

  3. Vitamin C: This is perhaps one of the most common vitamins. It’s found in about every fruit and vegetable meaning that only a few people are Vitamin C deficient. Vitamin C has been closely associated with the secretion of HGH.

  4. Sleep: The majority of human growth hormone production happens while we sleep. This may be the reason we are advised to sleep for at least 8 hours every day. So, if you exercise hard and get enough sleep, chances are that you won’t need HGH therapy.

In conclusion, being famous or rich isn’t a requirement to use HGH. There are indeed serious situations that may warrant the use of prescription HGH. So, regardless of your popularity or age, human growth hormone can offer incredible health benefits. Nevertheless, it’s best to get clearance from a healthcare practitioner prior to using any HGH product, prescription or otherwise.

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