Email templates – How can you use the templates to add value to your emails?

Email started about four decades back! And even in 2019, email marketing still ranks as one of the best communication channels for marketers. It helps marketers to create a significant bond with their users. At the core, the foundation of a successful email campaign resides an attractive and well-designed email template.

Every marketer wants to provide their customers with a perfect email experience. It will increase the monthly volume for email templates. It suggests that today, most email marketers are planning to go beyond the default email templates. Do you resonate with the same? If yes, then you should focus all your attempts in developing the best email template for your marketing campaigns. But before that, it is essential to understand the basics of an email template.

Understanding an email template

Simply put, an email template is a blend of a smart email copy, the apt subject line, and an actionable CTA (Call to Action). Any other element that you add to these essential elements will help you create an attractive template. You can keep the following pointers in mind:

  • You can stick to the basics and say yes to a plain email text

  • You may add colorful text and attractive images when you use the HTML email template

  • Add CSS animations to create an interactive email

It is essential to seek professional guidance for this. If you want to know more, you can check out Designmodo email templates. Some of the basic email templates that you can opt-in for are:

  1. The deal template

Email marketing provides one of the ideal ways of sending deals, coupons, and promotional offers to their customers. Such offers can increase sales. You might want to personalize the deals for specific segments for your customers. This template helps to provide your loyal customers with a VIP coupon. You can welcome a new customer with a free gift on their initial purchase as well. Many reasons make this template useful. Other than adding a deal, it also helps the subscribers to make reservations right at the spot. You can also add a map with the template. It will help customers to locate your store.

  1. Event template

Is there a public or corporate event coming up for you? If yes, then you should go all out and promote it. You need to ensure that the event date and details reach your entire guest list at the earliest. And if you are time-crunched, you need to attain more within less time. Here you can opt-in for the event email template which is well organized. With one glance, the viewer or the email subscriber can know what your event is all about. They can check the schedule and also the RSVP details. It is one of the most useful templates when you plan activities at the eleventh hour.

This template also enables the subscribers to register for your even beforehand with just a click. The sign-up process is hassle-free. The template also boasts of an excellent color scheme as well. It also allows you to choose a white text and a black background, if that’s what you prefer. The email pops up the moment a subscriber opens it.

  1. The newsletter email templates

Newsletters are an essential part of any business! When you send a monthly, weekly, or bi-monthly newsletter, it is essential to have specialized newsletter templates. It helps to keep the subscribers informed and engaged. The template enables you to add in as much content you want. You can add details about your latest product launches, new business projects, the best employee performance, share product news, upcoming events, talk about latest products and also provide the best promotion deals to their loyal readers. Your newsletter can include anything that the customers and subscribers will find interesting.

Most subscribers love to receive newsletters from their choicest brand. Many reasons make a newsletter template useful. First and foremost, it is easy on your eyes. The newsletter layout is viewer-friendly. Your newsletter will have various topics that your subscriber can read. It helps to generate more traffic to your website. When you talk about exciting aspects related to your brand, people become curious and start landing up on your website.

Newsletter templates also enable you to make the most of imageries. You can use images that can impress your subscribers and help you explain your content better.

  1. Birthday templates

It is one of the best ways to give your email marketing a personal touch! Any form of personalization is a smart sales motivator. The personalized emails provide transaction rates that are more as compared to the non-personalized emails. It shows the subscribers and customers that you are taking a keen interest in their details. And this helps to increase brand loyalty.

Several reasons make this email template highly effective. It provides right promotion tactics, and you can hugely engage your customers. You also can choose from a wide array of color selection. It’s the color selection that makes your email attractive. It lets your users know that you’ve invested time on them and that will help to generate positive word of mouth publicity.

  1. The feedback email template

It is essential to get your costumers feedback. That way, you can address their needs better and also improve your service and product offerings. Feedback also helps to enhance customer service. More customers will opt-in for a service or product when they hear other customers are talking positively about it. Many business houses find it challenging to get feedback from their customers. The subscribers and customers are busy. Hence, you need to request them to share a comment, review your product, or share their experience with your brand. This template can help you to get all these done effortlessly.

These are some of the essential templates that you can use to leverage your email marketing campaign. Choose the template based on the requirement and arrange your content accordingly. Make sure to provide your customers with informative content and not add jargons that will confuse them.

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