How to Travel the World as a Digital Nomad (With No Regrets)

A digital nomad is a person who has the good fortune of travelling the world, while making most of his or her money online. Never sitting still, always moving from place to place, from location to location. It’s all about living a life of adventure and fun, while still earning a living through your computer. You get to experience new cultures, new countries, you get to meet new people from all across the globe.

However, it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t an easy lifestyle to pull off. It’s a gamble, but, we are certain that it’s a gamble worth taking. But, before you jump into this headfirst, without rhyme or reason, do some research, starting with the article right below.

Have the right source of income

The core point of leading the life of a digital nomad is having a job that you can do from practically any location you can think of. Of course, getting a stream of passive income is an even better option, but the core part is still having a type of work you can do from the comfort of your own laptop. This can be anything, from a writing job, translation work, copywriting, earning money through video, graphic design, even coding. The point here is that you don’t have to be at an office, and that you can do your work on your computer.

Get some practice

One quick tip many digital nomads might find useful is sticking to shorter vacations, and staying productive. Namely, we are pretty sure you’ve travelled before in your life, but that was most likely for school or fun. For this, we actually recommend you travel exclusively so you can test whether you can get your work done abroad, while at the same time being able to stay sane and healthy. You need to practice finding the right cafes, hostels, or libraries where you can work in, and also learn how to feed yourself without getting sick.

Do some research

Never go in blind. Wherever you are going, try to get as much research done as you can. Check out store prices, how much a cup of coffee or a glass of wine costs in local cafes. Read up about the city you are going to. Are there any areas you need to avoid all the time? Do you need to avoid certain neighbourhoods all the time, or only during the night? Is it a good idea to cover up any tattoos you might have, do women need to dress differently?

What about some cultural taboos, or legal regulations surrounding your work. Go online, visit various forums, do your homework. Maybe talking to professional Migration agents is your best bet, instead of just talking to people on Facebook. Finally, reading up on the culture in your target destination can help you avoid awkward and weird situations.

No pressure to move constantly

This is your own life, nobody else’s. This is a very unorthodox lifestyle one can lead, and yet people still feel the need to box others in. Namely, there are no rules that state that you can only spend a week or two in one place. Of course, nothing is stopping you from always being on the road, but understand that there is also nothing stopping you from spending several months in one place. In fact, it’s sometimes a good idea to take a break and spend some extra time in one place. Travelling is physically exhausting and sometimes you might need some extra time to recuperate.

Structure and chaos

As we’ve mentioned, you need to do your job on the road. This requires a certain level of very strong structure, but also relaxed flexibility, if you truly want to make the most out of your nomadic lifestyle. Create a very fixed and strict schedule you are supposed to adhere too, but at the same time be ready to leave it at a moment’s notice if something springs up (and things do spring up constantly on the road).

Have a safety net and be smart with your money

Then, of course, you want to have some money saved up, to have a safety net in place. We suggest you have around three months of average living expenses, along with an emergency fund, stashed away. The emergency fund is there to get you out of a pickle, while the other pile of money should be used to tide you over if you hit a rough spot regarding work.

 However, being smart with your money involves something else as well. Namely, we suggest you also read up on tax laws. Keep these in order, pay your dues. Finally, get some insurance, both for your health and body and for your business. Furthermore, getting the right gear, being prepared for the road is as important as having some extra money stashed in.


If you want to travel the world as a digital nomad, you can, nothing is stopping you but you yourself. There are however several things you can do to really make the most out of this lifestyle, to live a life with minimal regrets. You want to straddle the line between structure and chaos, you want to be flexible with your time, but also strict enough to get your work done in spite of any circumstances that may befall you. Remember that there is no pressure, which you don’t have to only spend a week in one place and then go on the move again. On the practical end of things, get some practice, and do your research. Finally, none of this is possible without you working hard and getting a job that allows for a lifestyle like this.

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