Decorating Tips For a Luxurious Bathroom

If there were only one room in the home worth making luxurious, the bathroom would be an obvious choice. This is where you spend a lot of time relaxing and beautifying yourself, which is why it’s the perfect choice for a luxurious makeover. You don’t even have to go all out to create the perfect bathroom. All it takes is a couple of small décor changes and your bathroom will become the ideal comforting and pampering experience.

1. Keep things in containers

Whenever you enter a fancy bathroom, you’ll encounter a variety of things being stored in containers. Toothbrushes are stored in colourful tumblers and cotton balls fill hurricane jars. These small changes might seem like they’re unnecessary, but they look wonderful and make your bathroom feel a lot fancier.

Keeping your soap on the sink is a practical solution, but it doesn’t exactly scream “luxury” and it quickly creates a bubbly mess. Why not keep it inside of a dish instead? It’s going to signal to your guests that you keep your bathroom clean and looking fresh. Anything that is just standing around in your bathroom and taking up unnecessary space could look a lot better being in a container.

2. Add an artistic touch

Bathrooms aren’t the first kind of room that comes to mind when you think of decorating with art. The seemingly sterile environment doesn’t feel like it needs any particularly colourful or artistic touches to make it complete. However, you would be surprised at how well a small touch of art could improve the bathroom’s aesthetic.

Keep in mind, there’s no reason to turn it into an art gallery. Just one or two pieces of art would be enough. Aim for something that breaks the monotony of typical bathroom walls. Consider a bold and colourful piece with a lavish frame. Have it match the colour of a couple of other details in the bathroom and you’re going to create a room worth looking at.

3. Make use of natural light

When you’re thinking of the most picturesque bathroom imaginable, you probably have a very specific kind of lighting in mind. Most people picture the warm and soothing colours of the morning sun hitting the clean white tiles. Alternatively, others might prefer a bathroom right under the night sky, where the moon and stars illuminate the space.

What they both have in common is that they’re natural sources of soft and cozy light. Introducing natural light into your bathroom is the best way to make it feel like a luxurious haven. To achieve this, you’re going to need openings for the light to get inside. Most bathrooms don’t have large panes of glass on the walls, for the simple reason that they’re supposed to be bastions of privacy. If possible, have windows that are high up on the walls, so that the largest amount of light can enter the room. Alternatively, a skylight would do wonders for the bathroom’s lighting aesthetic, if it’s located on the top floor.

Candles are another perfect source of soft lighting. They are a great way to make the bathroom feel like a luxurious spa. Plus, you get some nice smells to boot.

4. Have a mirror with some flair

Mirrors are an essential and iconic part of the bathroom environment. They allow you to have a good look at yourself when preparing to head outside your home. Having the most basic of bathroom mirrors won’t give your bathroom the luxurious feel that it deserves.

When you’re picking a mirror, your aims should be big. A large mirror will make your bathroom feel spacious and magnificent, while also giving you a wonderful view of yourself whenever you need to use it. It also disperses the lighting in an even way, enhancing its effects. You can even put it on the front of a storage unit.

Just hanging such a mirror on a simple nail and calling it a day won’t do it justice. Give it something nice to hang from and don’t forget to add a set of lights above it to make sure you always get a good view of what’s in the reflection.

5. Display eye-catching towels

Towels aren’t just something you use to dry yourself after a shower, they’re also an important part of the bathroom décor. If you want your bathroom to impress, you’re going to need some interesting towels to go along with it.

If you have a monochrome bathroom, the colour choice should be obvious. Make them the most striking hue of the bathroom colour you’ve chosen and you can be sure that they’ll look wonderful against the background. On the other hand, if the bathroom has a variety of colours, you should aim to make the towels complimentary, so that they don’t clash with anything.

Where you store your bathroom towels is just as important as what they look like. Instead of hanging them over a towel hook, create a rack for your towels. This will make them look neat and well-maintained, while also showing off how soft and velvety they are.

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6. Have a bath mat that sticks out

You can hardly call it a complete bathroom if it doesn’t have a bath mat. Bath mats are crucial parts of the bathroom décor. A bath mat helps you get out of the cozy shower in the morning without having to deal with the wet floor. However, preventing slippage and keeping your feet warm aren’t the only reasons you should keep one around.

The aesthetic value of a good bath mat can’t be understated. It can really bring the whole bathroom together and make it look fabulous. Most bathrooms are designed with simple, clean colours in mind. They’re usually white with shades of earthy colours sprinkled in that can give them a bit of personality. The bath mat is one detail where it doesn’t hurt to stick out. If you make it a bold colour that draws attention, it’s going to look gorgeous on the white and earthy backdrop.


Turning your bathroom into a luxurious retreat isn’t a very difficult task. With the addition of any of these small changes, you can make a gorgeous modern oasis out of your bathroom in a very short amount of time and this way, create the perfect bathroom.

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