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6 Proven tips to get the most out of your Learning management system

LMS (Learning Management System) have become increasingly popular with students opting for virtual classrooms over real ones, and with several hundred websites offering more than a thousand courses on every type of subject.

But how do you identify a good course among the hundreds available on the same subject?

A good learning management system course will align with the expectations and needs of students it is catered for. However, an excellent LMS course will provide learners a positive interaction experience, which will contribute towards a more fruitful and better learning experience. This however, can only be achieved when an LMS is explored fully to its immense potential.

We will discuss a few methods that is sure to get you the most and best out of your LMS course.

Manage and monitor LMS training activities

Is the course training heading in the correct direction and having the impact it needs to have on the students? Are the students finding it relevant and useful? One way to find the effectiveness of the training material is through reports.

By exploring all possibilities of reporting, you can help improve the course content. Consider setting up graphical or automated reports to quicken the analysis process. By assessing the average and individual time spent on the course content, you can identify students who are lagging behind and those who need help.

  • You can gather regular reports on

  • Student progress

  • Assessment and outcomes of learning

  • Satisfaction rates of the learner

  • Time spent on the course content

Build a vibrant environment for learning

If the online course is dull, cluttered, and difficult to navigate, it becomes hard for the learner to follow the content. Simple changes like changing themes and updating color schemes can make a huge difference. Making better use of media content like gifs, charts, videos and images, can break the monotony of a tedious course. Interactive content can really enhance student engagement and also help incorporate the fun factor in the course.

Unlock communication channels

An online course that doesn’t offer a student an opportunity to communicate with other learners doesn’t work. Comment threads, social media, messengers, chats and forums are all great methods to keep the students engaged throughout the course and have them interact with other learners.

Also, having a dedicated channel for support and feedback will encourage learners to provide their feedback on training and lessons. It will help them solve any problems or technical issues they may be facing in your course.

Encourage and prioritize engagement

Instill a spirit of competition in your course and encourage students to achieve more and perform better. This can help motivate them to study and make the whole learning process enjoyable. Some ways you can do this is by-

  • Creating leader boards for quizzes, lessons or other criteria. Display student names based on performance.

  • Add a progress bar to each student’s profile to display how far a learner has progressed in the course

  • Creating student social media profiles which can be used to interact, or ‘befriend’ others

  • Add award certificates or badges to profiles each time a student finishes a task

Make sure learners understand the system

The success of learning management system depends on how well your students are able to understand and use it. One great way to ensure your students can understand the system is by setting up two things-

  1. A chat/feedback option to answer queries: An FAQ (frequently asked questions) section will help you know what areas of the course students are experiencing difficulty in understanding. You can thus make relevant changes in the course’s UI or UX to make it more simple.

  2. Documentation, walk-through videos or tours: These can help students navigate through the system. Ensure this feature is easily accessible in the site’s ‘help’ or menu section.

Target empowerment

A good LMS course will offer a chance for blended learning or hybrid learning. It will help students with personality development, self-growth and empowerment.

An LMS that aligns with the expectations and needs of students encourages its learners to be more-rounded and better individuals. Including features like progress bars and leader boards can encourage learners to study better and also instill a healthy competitive spirit.

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