Top 5 Things to Do in Reykjavik

Iceland is a magnificent country, filled to the brim with natural wonders and spectacular views. However, Iceland is more than that. It is also bursting at the seams with culture in abundance and specifically the capital of Reykjavik is home to some of the most happening music acts today. To be honest, when most people think about Iceland, they think about spending time in nature, seeing the Northern Lights or active volcanoes, which is something that should not be missed, not by any means. It is too incredible. How about making it a combo-trip then? Meaning that you will not forgo nature for the city and vice versa. Make it a truly unique trip by combining spending time in the magnificent outdoors but also take in the cool and eclectic music scene in Reykjavik. How to go about it then? Well, start by visiting where you will find the best vehicle for your trip, because there really is nothing like driving yourself around this stunning island. Here you will also find suggestions for the best campsites in Iceland as well as sound advice from local experts on everything from tires to petrol. Start your trip by picking up your rental in Reykjavik and then finish there as well after having explored the natural phenomenon that make up this fascinating island, then you can immerse yourself in the capital’s fantastic music scene.

What to drive?

Finding the right rental for your ultimate combo-trip to Iceland is easy. There are several camper rentals in Iceland such as Campervan Reykjavik for instance that will help you find the perfect vehicle for your trip. It all really comes down to what type of trip you are planning. Will you drive on the F-Roads (mountain roads) or will you stay on the more driver friendly Ring Road? The former will most likely require you to rent a 4×4 vehicle and on the latter it will suffice with a 2WD. Then you will need to think about which add-ons you will need, such as GPS and Wi-Fi. The comfort level of the vehicle is also important and you need to make sure that the seats are comfortable if you plan to do a lot of driving. Car rental in Iceland is a thriving business and as such there are plenty of options available, both when it comes to smaller cars but also campervans. Driving yourself will give you freedom to explore and there are many campsites around the island to take advantage off. When driving in Iceland car insurance is mandatory and most petrol stations are DIY, this and much more, is information that the car rental company will be able to provide you with. They will also be able to provide you with information on the notoriously difficult Icelandic weather. While on the road, make sure to cover all the sites that make Iceland magical, such as Akureyri, Askja, the Blue Lagoon and the majestic glaciers. Drive around the Golden Circle and experience it all.

The city is alive with the sound of music

There are plenty of things to do and see in Iceland, visit Landmannalaugar for instance and marvel at the natural diversity on display. However, this was a combo-trip and once you have spent some time in Iceland’s incredible nature, it’s time to head to the busy city of Reykjavik. In Iceland’s capital the modern fuses with the ancient to create a unique cultural experience. Specifically, the music scene is constantly evolving and Laugavegur, which is the main street in the city is leading the way. There are a multitude of different music acts that are continuing to spring from this source and although Björk might still be the number one name that most people recognise, there is so much more to discover. Iceland’s musical range span over everything from singer/songwriters to rock bands and as of late there is even mentioning of Icelandic reggae. One way of promoting all these incredible acts, and another part of the thriving music scene in Iceland are the many music festivals taking place during the year. They serve as a promotor for local acts but they also bring in international musicians in order to mix it up a bit. The mix of foreign and domestic acts serve to make Iceland an eclectic dream of different music styles and genres. If you haven’t spent time in Reykjavik discovering these incredibly talented musicians, you need to do this right away. By combining nature and culture on your next trip to Iceland you will have the best of everything. Spend a couple of days on the road and then some time in the city of Reykjavik and you will be amazed how rewarding it will be. This unique experience will indeed cater to all your senses and you will be wanting to return to this incredible island soon again.

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