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JSTJR Releases Grooving “I See You”

Just released via Group Chat Recordings is the epic new anthem from producer JSTJR. He has made a real name for himself as one of the most unique artists on the circuit right now, and has previously dropped work for labels like Mad Decent and Fool’s Gold.

“I See You” unfolds with effortless flow and percussive spice, nailing a punchy house vibe with ease. He says: “I See You’ came from a really pure creative state where I sat down and just let the music flow out of me. It’s the first time in a while where I didn’t sit down with the intention to make something specific, and the result is my favorite tune in a long time! The crowd reaction has been awesome – premiering it at EDC was EPIC and ever since people are always asking about the song.”

Check it!

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