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Tips for keeping your wedding dress longer

Your wedding dress is expensive! In addition, several memories are attached to this dress. It is therefore important for you to keep it for a long time. However, most of wedding  and formal dresses have special characteristics that make it impossible to wash or store them as we see fit.

Fortunately, we have compiled for you some tips that will help greatly to keep your dress intact. A beautiful way to preserve your memory long! Interested? Just keep reading the following tips!

1. Clean it well

This seems like the basic step but, believe me, it is neglected by many. Not only a dress not cleaned or badly cleaned quickly becomes a stained dress, it becomes especially a treat for the moths! You do not want that!

Above all, do not ever just wash it, never! Also, do not choose any cleaning company; cheap companies do cheap jobs! After investing such a sum in your dress, it would be a pity that it comes out damaged or stained. Whether it is simply to preserve it or to sell it, this step is essential.

2. Choose a suitable place to store it

No, such a beautiful garment does not store in the cellar! It is not so much a question of place as of ambient temperature. Over time, the humidity of your cellar will damage the fabric and the color of your dress.

Two options are available to you: either you find a suitable place in your house, or you have it stored. By adapted piece, I speak here of wardrobe on the main floor. If you have space, that’s good. Otherwise, you should find a storage service with adapted temperature.

3. Never fold a dress

You can’t just fold your dress and leave it in a corner! In the long run, the fold will damage the fabric. This will affect the shape and the outfit of your dress. The solution is simple: just put it on a hanger. Those in fabric are particularly preferred.

Otherwise, some boxes are specially designed to preserve your dress. It is also important not to leave your dress in a carrying case. These covers are designed simply for transportation. They are not good enough to preserve your dress. Invest in a better cover.

4. Do not leave your dress in oblivion

Finally, do not let your dress drag in the back of a wardrobe for years. I know, this is not the kind of dress that we wear regularly! However, it is important to use mothproof and change it every three months. Regular treatment needs to be given to special dresses.

With our tips above, you will be able to keep your dress intact for years, and preserve the memories attached to it! But don’t forget that the place where you buy your wedding dress determines its quality. If you buy online, we can recommend JJ’s House as one of the best places to buy from. Thank you for reading!

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