How and when to give solids to a baby?

After the baby is born then for the first 6 months they mostly live on breast milk. It is essential and at that time the newborn is also not allowed to have any solids or any other liquids as well.

But finding the right time for first foods to give baby is a bit tricky and crucial as well. If one starts to give the baby solids too early then there is a chance of obesity, getting choked and belly aches. But if one starts that too late then it can also slow the growth of the baby and also lead to their aversion of solids. That is why; most paediatricians have come down to common spot where one can start other foods and solids for the baby. This time is in between 4 to 6th month after birth though most babies are advised to have breast milk till they reach their 6th month.

How will one know that when is the right time to start solid foods for the baby?

  • The baby can sit on their own and that too comfortably. Baby food can be given to them if the baby can held their head high and this will be necessary in order to avoid choking.

  • The baby looks really interested when the meal time arrives. If they are interested in what other people are eating, then they might be interested in eating new food items as well.

  • They are capable to swallow now. If they can swallow some soft and smooth solids and that too without any hassle, then it is the right time.

Till the baby turns 6 months old, it is okay if they do not go for other foods apart from the breast milk. But once they cross the 6th month it is important to introduce the solids gradually because then the baby will require other nutrition as well apart from what they get from breast milk. Here are a few ways on how one can introduce solids to a baby:

  • Try to feed the baby with a spoon. This will make the food eating not only look good but the baby will also learn how to eat with a spoon as well. Use a bright bowl to put cereal from where the baby can eat.

  • One has to introduce solids to the baby very slowly. One can keep giving them solids with a bit of breast milk or formula so that it can be easier for them to swallow. Go for one meal of solids at a day and the other meal should be breast milk or formula milk. One can give them solid foods right in the morning because they are most hungry at that time.

  • One should try food items of different forms like they can be mashed or pureed so that it can be eaten easily. If you’re searching for Dutch Baby Formula, you can check online

What are the best first foods to feed baby? Well they can be bananas, sweet potatoes, avocados, pears, apples, green beans and of course cereals and mashed rice.

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