5 Tips For Dog Safety Around The Home

Our pets are our pride and joy and, for many people, much like a child. As a result, we are keen to do all we can to keep them safe in the home. There are lots of things that we can do to dog-proof the home for a little more peace of mind. The following 5 tips are just a starting point. It is important to give your home a personal audit with great attention to detail. Find the threats, eliminate them and create a comfortable environment for your pet.

5 tips for dog safety around the home. 

1) Dog-proof the home in the same way that you would child-proof it. 

Dog safety in the home is a lot like child safety. Your fur babies have the same intelligence and curiosity as a small child and face some of the same risks. The first step is to make sure that all food items and cleaning products are out of reach. You don’t want your dog picking up a plastic bottle of detergent think its a squeaky toy. If it is ingestable and may cause harm then it needs to be in a higher cupboard or behind a child-proof latch. The same is true for food – either dog-friendly or not. Pups are at as much risk from raiding a kibble supply as they are from other food items.

You may be surprised at how many harmful items there are in the home. Childproofing means tidying away electrical wires and softening sharp edges. It helps to do the same with a new puppy if they are a little overactive and keen to chew anything in sight.

2) Always double check every door and window in the home.

If your dog wants to go outside and wander than it might find a way. Smart dogs may realise that they can open a back door that isn’t locked. Low windows and accessible windowsills may prove to be too tempting. Then there is the doggy door – if you have one. You might want to limit access here if you can’t keep a close on the animal’s activity.

3) Provide secure spaces within the home if you leave your dog alone.

If you need to you your dog in the home alone during the day, make sure that they can’t get anywhere that is dangerous or out of bounds. One way to do this is to install security doggy gates around the home. These barriers will be familiar to anyone that has done similar with young children. The gates bar the way to the stairs or the kitchen, keeping our pets a little safer and within our eyeline. This is best used with puppies while they are exploring their new home. But, this can also work for older dogs that may be a little mischievous or destructive when left to their own devices.

4) Give dogs additional personal security indoors with their own crate or den. 

An alternative to the doggy gate is to create a pen or crate system with a fence and an indoor kennel. Some dog owners aren’t too keen on this approach because of the way it restrains the dog’s movements. However, many dogs appreciate the chance to build their own little den and safe space. It is a bit like giving them a bedroom of their own. This is great for dogs that need a little peace and quiet away from the family now and then. They can bring in blankets and toys and feel a lot more secure.

5) Don’t forget to secure the garden as well. 

Dog safety around the home extends to the rest of the property too. If they are out in the yard, you need to be sure that they can’t wander off and get over the fence. Some dog owners can reinforce existing boundaries to keep pets in place. Higher fences and stones buried at the edge all help. But, some homes don’t have their fences. That is where an invisible wireless dog fence can prove to be a great help. These devices transmit a signal to a dog collar when the animal gets to close to the boundary. Before long, they should learn how far they can go.

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