Nala Displays Her Stunning Sense Of “Gravity”

The soulful sounds of Nala are on full display this week. Originally from LA and now partly spending her time in Miami, Nala cut her teeth as a DJ – playing out extensively on the electronic circuit. She has now put a little more focus on production, and has a new single out titled “Gravity.”

With serious beauty on offer, it’s clear to see why Nala has already been supported by Spotify and Ones To Watch. There are subtle blends of piano and pads beneath the vocals that lead the way with ease. She says: “I had been single for a long while and got involved with someone who was very caring and attentive. Eventually, that attentiveness started to make me feel suffocated. The song reflects my desire for space from the relationship and how the lack of that space caused me to feel like I couldn’t breathe. The song starts more spacious and by the end should feel as if there’s no space left – reflecting that suffocating feeling.”

Listen to “Gravity” below.

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