My favorite gifts for the perfect grandparent

Buying gifts for my grandma and grandpa is often a delight. After all, they are the best gift-givers ever. Can you ever get enough of their warm hugs, delicious cookies, and the wisdom talk?

If you are like the best of us, your grandparents probably snuck a few bucks to you during the holidays, which usually came in handy later.

So, after countless years of getting meaningful gifts from grandpa and grandma, it’s high time you reciprocate by giving them something thoughtful. But what makes for a good gift for a grandparent?

For my gram, I always make sure it’s something as sweet and thoughtful as she is. You can never go wrong with a cozy, warm cardigan (which can be an add-on gift). You can also give the gift of well-being with some exciting but helpful wellness essentials.

In this article, I have rounded up 10 of my favorite gift ideas for the perfect grandparent. Before delving in; let’s take a look at some helpful tips and considerations when getting a present for grandpa and grandma.

Helpful Tips on How to Pick an Ideal Gift for your Grandparents

For Grandma:

  1.   The best gift for a minimalist grandmother with limited space? Perhaps her kitchen pantry, closets, and garage are full of stuff. If that’s the case, you can always go for personalized jewelry. You may also want to look for something in the wine or cheese gift category.

  2.   Avoid complicated or big gifts. While some grandmas can get the hang of tech stuff, they don’t want something that overwhelms them.

  3.   Take a reconnaissance around her house. Is there anything due for replacement? Perhaps replacing an overgrown houseplant with yet another useful pot plant will be helpful.

  4.   You know your grandma. Is a handwritten memento or simple picture gift enough for her? If so, ensure to incorporate a little touch of flair to make it more fun and memorable.

  5.   You can team up. The chances are good that several family members are trying to find a perfect gift, too. Why not join hands and give a group gift that’s more meaningful?

  6.   Something that will keep her busy, warm and safe will do the trick. That means essential oils, water bottles, DIY knitting kits, extra security features, etc. should be top of your list. They are unique but more useful.

For grandpa:

  1.   You can never go wrong with light and fun presents. Funny gifts and personalized presents are typically the go-to for grandpas.

  2.   Pamper him. We know a day in the spa may not be a cup of tea for the old man, but it’ll do his body justice. You can give spa-style sets or aromatic products to boost his mental elements.

  3.   Improve his grooming game. There are myriad grooming kits and sets available. Make sure it’s masculine, creative and easy to use.

  4.   Try something personal. You can create a customized book retracing his favorite headlines, historical moments, football teams, reprinted news coverage, etc.

(1) A Custom Star Map from Twinkle In Time

What could be more thoughtful than a custom star map with a personalized message? Twinkle In Time is a first of its kind service that allows you to create and give “the gift of a magical moment captured in the stars.”

If your grandma or grandpa loves outer space or astronomy, this gift will simply knock their socks off. It’s a 24-inch by 18-inch stylish print wall art that depicts stars exactly as they were arranged at a particular location and on a specific date. That gives you plenty of options – you can pick the date they met, got engaged, when their favorite team won the super bowl, birthday, anniversary, etc.

You grandparents have treasured memories, and their lives are full of precious moments. You can capture one of those moments with Twinkle In Time. And the best part? You can add a thoughtful message to make it truly personal.

(2) Customized Cutting Board

As mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to check through your grandparent’s place in a bid to find something you can replace. She can always use a new cutting board. Several Etsy shops do a bang-up job with handmade cutting boards, but Pride and Passion Shop takes the cake.

If the sun is out, grandpa will be trying to host an outdoor summer BBQ party for his friends or the whole family. This personalized cutting board from the shop is a perfect gift for him to show off this summer. You can personalize it with his favorite recipe, list of his favorite sports players or his grandkids. You can get as creative as you want.

(3) Lightweight Crossbody Bag

Grandmas love crossbody bags. They are handy for just about anything, from holding pills to doing light shopping. A product of Deluxity, this lightweight crossbody bag with tassels is all the rage on Amazon.

The bag is not only lightweight and stylish but also features zip pockets. There is an open pouch so that grandma can keep her cell phone, beeper, makeup kit, keys or lip balm. Every aspect of this bag is designed to help your grand lady stay organized, stylish and feel chic.

(4) Kool8 Bottle

Grandma always told you to drink plenty of water, and she was right on the money. Proper hydration is beneficial to every bit of your health and wellness.

So why not remind her that you learned the lesson with a super handy water bottle? After reading myriad reviews, including this one, I think Kool8 is a perfect water bottle gift for every grandparent. It is, in my humble opinion, the best water bottle of 2019, and Cool Things Chicago agrees.

Well, you don’t have to look hard to realize why Kool8 is much more than a water bottle. It’s lightweight, grips well, and looks stunning. This makes it a perfect companion for your grandparent’s power walks, jogging, and whatnot.

With an infuser, it’s also a dream come true for any tea lover.

It holds about 18 ounces of fluid, which means your grandparent can go for several hours before refilling. The bottle is durable and will last long thanks to the stainless steel construction.

Like most bottles on the market, the Kool8 comes with advanced double-wall vacuum insulation, meaning it can keep drinks sufficiently warm or cold for up to 12 hours or 24 hours respectively.

When it comes to Kool8, choice is the name of the game. You can buy one (or many) in blue, green, gray, pink or silver – there’s definitely something grandma and grandpa will love!

One more thing … when you purchase a Kool8 bottle, 20 percent of what you pay goes to charity. That’s right; the company will even send you an email to show you how your purchase is helping deliver clean, safe water to underserved communities in impoverished countries.

The bottle itself is constructed from recycled materials.  Kool8 is BPA-free, eco-friendly, stylish, durable, and approved by avid tea lovers. What could be better than this for your eco-conscious grandparent who likes to stay active and properly hydrated?

(5) Rich and Tasty Loose Tea from Tiesta Tea

If your recipient is a fan of tea, then Tiesta Tea should be your go-to online shop. They sell a huge selection of loose teas, including fruit tea, herbal tea, black tea, green tea, white tea, iced tea, and caffeine tea. You name it, they’ve got it.

They also have specialty teas. These include slenderizer, energizer, relaxer, matcha, and eternity teas. Perhaps one that will get the attention of your grandpa or grandma is immunity tea. This will help them build a stronger immune system and fend off ailments.

Did you know that drinking 3 cups of tea every day will give you over 500 million probiotic cultures? These tiny living things help enhance your immune system.

If you are not sure what type of tea will tickle your grandparent’s fancy, you can get them an e-gift card. That way, they can get whatever they want. Your possibilities are truly unlimited at!

(6) Protein Coffee

Your grandparent wants to stay as busy as possible. He probably wants to build something in the backyard, go fishing, hunt, play ball, and whatnot. All these activities need him to be alert and full of energy. He’ll need to save all his energy for projects.

That’s where protein coffee comes in handy. You are probably wondering why someone would want to add some protein into their cup of Joe.

Protein coffee doesn’t just taste great; the blend delivers plenty of health benefits, especially for an older adult. It even helps increase the absorption of iron, which is essential for immunity and blood health.

The icing on the cake is that protein coffee helps prevent or reverse age-related muscle loss. This will help grandpa work out as well as regain some of his muscle bulk and strength.

It’s also good for mental alertness and can help improve cognitive function. In other words, protein coffee is good for memory and recall. If that isn’t good enough, remember this blend is also good for the heart. It can help reduce high cholesterol, improve blood flow, lower blood pressure and prevent heart attack.

You can learn more about the benefits and how protein coffee works in this comprehensive guide written by Healthcare Weekly.

As you can see, it’s very clear that protein coffee can do wonders for your grandpa’s health and well-being. Unfortunately, not all protein coffee products are created equal. Personally, I prefer Complete Nutrition. Their products taste heavenly and work like a charm.

(7) Tile Mate

It’s only natural for older adults to be forgetful. If your grandma has a problem with forgetting where she left her keys, Tile Mate is what the doctor prescribed!

This pack of 4 little squares will genuinely change her life. She won’t have to be concerned about where she left her keys or phone. Your gram can just push a button on the tile, and Tile Mate will cause the lost keys or phone to ring.

Tile Mate is that handy, easy to use, and intuitive. The best thing is, that it’s affordable, lightweight and discreet.

(8) Custom T-Shirts from

Custom tees are some of the coolest gifts around. They are a good fit for pretty much everyone, from a toddler to your grandma. If your grandpa is a straight-up fun guy, he will appreciate a custom t-shirt from, and love you more for it.

You can choose from a variety of t-shirt designs, colors, styles, and much more. The trick is to ensure that the custom message on the tees is relevant to the wearer. Good thing, you can be as corny or creative as you want.

(9) A Simple Custom Hat

Grandpas love to wear caps. They are ideal for playing ball games, fishing or even walking about. This custom-made cap by Village Mode (@Etsy) says it all. With a buckle strap enclosure, it can be adjusted to fit any size head.

The “World’s Best Grandpa” cap makes a bold yet true statement: you think the world of your grandfather. The good thing is that you can select from a wide variety of colors, including black, red, khaki, and green.

(10) Superfine Pure Silk Pillowcase

A good night’s sleep is all your grandpa and grandma need to wake up full of energy and vigor. After all, the last thing you want is for your grandparents to wake up groggy and cranky.

Silk pillowcases are great gifts for anyone looking for better skin, hair, and wellness. Your loved one would be glad to know this mulberry silk pillowcase from Fishers Finery is easy to clean and care for. It’s velvety soft to touch, stylish, and comes in an array of colors to choose from, including hunter green, navy, black, taupe, burgundy, deep lavender, English rose, silver, light green, light blue, and white.

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