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Make a statement with T-shirts by knowing how to get the most from the stylish apparel

No other garment can match the versatility of T-shirts. It started as underwear more than a hundred years ago and then finally evolved into a fashion wear today while spending some time in-between as workwear. Today, T-shirts are a style-essential which and staple apparel that lights up any wardrobe. And definitely, it cuts across gender lines as exemplified by people going crazy to wear a Polyamory shirt that allow them to make subtle statements or even shout from the rooftop depending on the preferred style.

That T-shirts have been able to outlast trends has a lot to do with its versatility. It is the only piece of clothing to wear of any occasion from going to the beach or gym to jumping into the bed and even with a suit or under a shirt. But what T-shirts can do for you depend on your ability to get the most from it.

In this article, we will discuss the perfect fit and color choice that contribute the most in making you look at your very best with T-shirts.

The perfect fit

How you look in a T-shirt depends significantly on how it fits on your body because it also tells a lot about the wearer. You should never ignore the fitting of T-shirts because ill-fitted t-shirts with excess fabric spoil the appeal of the unique garment. Your ignorance about T-shirt style can give an impression of yourself as a loser or a person who has given up. On the other hand, body-hugging T-shirts with seams about to burst sends the message about a self-obsessed person who cannot get out of his own reflection.

The perfect fitting T-shirt is the one that emphasizes parts of your body that you are most proud of without attracting attention to the parts you are most conscious about. Begin by looking at your naked torso in the mirror and then figure out your best attribute.

Follow the thumb rule

  • Arms – Remember that the sleeves of the shirt, whether regular or rolled, should terminate at the halfway mark of your upper arm to make the biceps and triceps visible.

  • Shoulders and pectorals – A slim-fitting style is ideal for drawing attention to the shoulders and pectorals. It snugly sits on the body parts while leaving enough room for air circulation.

  • Narrow waist/abs – Those who have bigger chests and narrow waists would find taper cuts most suitable to draw attention to the V-shaped torso.

T-shirt colors

White, black, navy, and grey are timeless shades that although often termed basic, form the foundation of any successful wardrobe. With its exceptional ability to underpin an existing look or make you look your very own, these colors are simply unbeatable.

There are no strict rules in color choices that depend on the individual’s taste and style. However, these are the colors that can bring out the best in you provided you know its use with matching trousers. Remember that the occasion for wearing the garment influences the choice of colors.

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