How to Remain Social Without Spending Much Time

According to Aristotle’s saying; Human is a social animal. It clearly alludes that we are in unconscious need of being connected with people around us. Whether we meet people for any concerns or not, there is a complete involvement to get engaged with them. There are many objectives like emotional attachment, ethical affair or materialistic e-commerce business to communicate; it’s all about a psychological need to be in the loop. 90% of times, it doesn’t matter if one is extrovert or introvert; it is essential for every human to be social to some extent.


No one is perfect, and every human is perfectly imperfect by nature. According to psychology, there are two different dimensions of imperfection that make us feel incomplete. One is physical imperfections; another is incompleteness in our abilities and skills. Both lacking may or may not be visible to others. Many shortfalls can be quickly figured out while others can be realized when shown. This is the reason why people need to be socialized because they can cover each other’s lacking, or they may highlight them for improvements.

There are uncounted tasks that a person has to do in 24 hours; some of them are for our own selves, some for our families, our peers and some for our community. No one is that much capable of doing all tasks alone, there is always a need for mutual teamwork, and each sector is dependent on the other one. Being social helps us to get our work done and helping others to do theirs. It may include doing some physical work or even just being a good listener. We all are dependent on each other to run the ride of life successfully.


We all are busy in our daily lives, and it is impossible every time to meet someone face to face for a discussion or concern. Thanks to technological advancements that have made communication easy to manage with time. Previously, people used to drive miles to meet people or invite them to their places, and they perform social activities together as people needed much time to visit and get in touch with someone.

However, nowadays, there is only one reliable and convenient way for communication is through social media. Despite being addictive and having so many disadvantages, it has some benefits of bringing people together for better. People get in touch with other’s lives without hassle. They can now involve and interact with each other with just a single tap. It takes a few minutes every day to get updated on other’s achievements, acknowledgements and their adventures. Not only that, you can manage your day while playing games, relaxing, reading and following. This is helping us out to make a sensible society.


Thanks to the charm and comfort of social media platforms, technology has made ways to connect with our friends, family and peers without wasting our time. Let’s evaluate the top 5 social media platforms to get socialized.


80% of the world population use Facebook on a daily basis. It is the largest social media platform that everyone is aware of. Facebook is highly flexible and allows the user to share visuals, including pictures, videos, audio, stories, Infographics, and links, along with text posts and documents. It also enables you to create a poll for a cause, and you can even go live with it. People discuss all kinds of issues, make communities and do business on Facebook as well. Hence, Facebook is the best option available to get social without spending much time.

2.     YOUTUBE

Just like Facebook, YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform. It is the best remedy to spend time while getting entertained. You can learn from videos and get inspired by other’s experiences and innovations. The best way to get updated with the latest trends on YouTube is to subscribe with your favorite channels. There is so much to explore on YouTube, and it’s just a click away.


Instagram and Pinterest are two major platforms to share your passions visually. Both of them are more popular among females as they are the best picture sharing sources. It is also ideal and useful to go for DIY videos and successful for travel blogging as well. Just keep scrolling down and enjoy amazing updates.

4.     TWITTER

Twitter works on the broadcast messaging model. It enables you to post tweets in the form of post, concern, poll or news. It gets you updated with a short and précised message, so it’s recommended if you don’t have much time to go for much unprofessional stuff. You can get updates of your peers by following them and can interact with them as well without getting staked like Facebook. Studies show that most twitter users are males, and it is a favorite platform for entrepreneurs.


World’s popular community of professional is no other than LinkedIn. You can find students, freshers, newbies and every kind of expert on this platform. Hence if you want to socialize with a professional community, then there is no other place than LinkedIn. Many reputable organizations use this platform to get candidates, and people use it to showcase their skills as well.


Social media platforms have become essential part of our daily lives. We cannot imagine living without them in this digital era. Hence, if you want to get socialize without spending much time, the above five platforms are some good options among hundreds to get the most out of your feasibility. Therefore choose the best one as per your need and convenience.

Stella Lincoln is a qualified psychotherapist and passionate writer. She has experience in teaching and writing for over nine years. Stella loves to spend time with her dogs. Currently, she is working as a Lifestyle Blogger and Psychology Tutor at Crowd Writer.

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