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How To Burn Fat Fast, According To The Cross Trainer?

If you are a gym enthusiast, then there is a huge chance that you already know how in demand a cross trainer is. As it happens, a cross trainer or also known as an elliptical trainer is a very popular choice today among health and fitness enthusiasts. And this is because it’s a pretty great cardio workout equipment that is both effective and efficient.

Cross Trainer And Its Effectiveness

Whether you are aiming to reach your weight goal or trying to tone your muscles, or even simply achieve an effective cardio workout, using a cross trainer regularly can help you with these kinds of concerns. The truth is – spending 30 minutes up to an hour in this equipment can naturally burn 240 up to 400 calories. And this is a very sweeping figure for any people who want to burn fats and lose weight.

Depending on the intensity of your workout, weight goals, and actual body weight, you can apparently lose more than the typical range given above. So, instead of focusing on just one cardio workout, start utilizing the cross trainer more today.

Burning Fat Fast With A Few Tweaks

But before you go and wear those “crosstrainshoes,” it is also worth noting that your workout can be so much more effective when you do little tweaks in it. Here are some things that you may incorporate with your cross trainer workout:

  • Train for at Least 75 Minutes a Week

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the amount of time that you may need to spend when using a cross trainer is around 75 minutes up to 150 minutes per week. And while this may largely depend on your goals, this is the most ideal range of time needed for weight loss benefits and health improvements.

However, it is best if you try to split this amount of time into different sets of workouts. You can split it by half or into three workouts. As it appears, it can be quite difficult to aim a full 75-minute cross trainer workout in one day. And based on studies, splitting into shorter sessions will help you burn more calories and fats.

  • HIIT

Another tweak that you can add into your cross trainer workout is to perform HIIT or high-interval intensity workout. In a nutshell, HIIT is using the same equipment for your workout but doing it in a much lesser time that offers much better results.

All you need to do is to warm-up for five minutes on the cross trainer. Afterward, increase your speed for 30 seconds. It is best if you go as fast as you can in this range. Then, return at a steady pace for 90 seconds. Repeat this for eight cycles and end the workout with a five-minute cooldown.

In every session, you may want to increase the cycle. And once you can already do 12 cycles in one session, you may increase the ratio to 40:90 seconds. Also, you may want to alternate performing HIIT and a steady pace session.

  • Interval Training

Interval training is pretty similar to HIIT. But in this case, you may need to perform a much suitable ratio or amount of period in your workout. Before proceeding to apply HIIT on your cross trainer session, you may begin with a simple interval training.

Set a period wherein you can increase your speed and set a much longer period for your recovery. This will help you burn more fats and calories by utilizing only half the time of your stead pace elliptical workout.

  • Mix Up Intervals With Resistance

When you do interval training during a session, you may want to mix it up with the resistance on the cross trainer equipment. In every session that you do, you must set a resistance. And the higher the figure, the harder your body will work. Hence, the faster you burn fats and lose weight.

And to make it so much more effective, mix up the resistance in every interval training. Keep your body guessing because if it becomes too familiar with the resistance of the trainer, it will reach a stagnant wherein you no longer burn fats.

  • Reduce Your Daily Caloric Intake

In every weight loss program or plan, reducing your daily calorie intake is one of the most essential things that you need to do. And if you really want to make the most out of your cross trainer workout sessions, then pair it with a good and healthy calorie intake reduction.

If you are familiar with the way how your body works, then you may follow the suitable amount of calorie of your own preference. But if not, it is best that seek assistance from specialists and experts before restricting yourself.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, utilizing a cross trainer is a very beneficial thing that you can do for your health and fitness. And so much more when you incorporate your sessions with various tweaks, just like the ones given above, that can further improve results.

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