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Danny Avila

Danny Avila Restyles His Own “Save You”

Spain’s multifaceted producer Danny Avila is back on the scene this week with his impressive revamp of June’s “Save You.” Again featuring the distinctive tones of Famous Dex and Xnilo, you can be sure to get in the party mood with Avila’s electronic mix.

Driving drum kicks and sweeping synth melodies are the backbone of “Save You,” whilst its vocals are cleverly layered over the top to create an infectious, singalong hook. The producer says: “The original ‘Save You’ track was a full-fledged urban hip-hop song. Since most people know me as an electronic artist, I decided to give it another session in the studio, pumping some electronic sounds into it. It’s always amazing to hear how the character of a track changes while you’re experimenting with it. I hope the people like my electronic mix!”

Check it out!

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