5 Underwear Mistakes No Man Should Make

When you’re younger, there are certain things that do not matter a lot to you. Some things that you think are forgivable, and they certainly are if you’re too young. However, once you hit a certain age, there are those unforgivable things such as bad bedsheets, bad jeans, torn apart t-shirts and baggy pants. This is because adults pay attention to the small details, and one such detail is the underwear. Now, you might think that underwear is not necessarily important and that you don’t have to actually think about it, but the truth is that yes, you do have to think about it. They are not noticeable to the outside world, and you won’t be showing your underwear to everyone, but you never know when you will have to strip and show what you have under your jeans. Apart from that, it always feels good to have comfortable and fresh underwear. So, what is important and what are the underwear mistakes that people make?

You don’t buy them often

The first underwear mistake people make is the fact that they don’t buy them very often. Even though your underwear might be in very good condition after several months, it is very important to get yourself a couple of new pairs every other month, just to have them in your wardrobe. Not only is this a healthier option, but it also feels very good to wear a new pair. Wearing new underwear is also known to boost your self-confidence, so there is really no reason for you to be wearing those old pieces for more than a couple of months. To ensure that you always have good and fresh underwear, you can get yourself a pair or two a month.

You’re keeping it boring

This is not very important per se, but being a bit more original and interesting with your underwear can be pretty cool and pretty sexy to the people who are going to see it. We are not only talking about wearing underwear that’s colorful or underwear with a cute pattern but also about keeping it sexy. There will come a time when you will have to show your best side, so buying some men’s sexy underwear is a must. Sexy underwear is not only for girls – it’s 2019 and the sooner we learn this, the better.

You only buy cheap underwear

Even though you are not supposed to buy underwear that is made out of gold or encrusted with diamonds, sometimes you need to open your wallet just a bit more for a good pair of underwear. Contrary to popular belief, if you buy cheap underwear, you are basically getting exactly what you paid for. This will, in the long run, cost you even more. So, buying quality underwear (which often means paying a bit more for it) will not only save you a bit of money in the future, but it is also much more representative. The fact that your underwear is not visible doesn’t mean that you are not supposed to invest in it.

You’re wearing your dirty underwear

You might find this repulsive, but there certainly are people who are wearing their dirty underwear more than once. This is simply out of the question, mostly because it’s not healthy and it’s definitely gross. According to some journals, a used dirty pair of underwear can contain up to 1 gram of feces, which is definitely not something we want.

You’re tucking your shirts into your underwear

There’s nothing dorkier for a guy to do, even according to GQ, and yet, many people tend to do just this. This can cause the wrinkling of your t-shirt or shirt. More importantly, this is also something that’s not doing favors for your hygiene. Letting your t-shirt or shirt touch your genitals is not something that you want, as you never know what kind of bacteria you might be transferring to or from the clothes. This is why having underwear that is skinny and that fits you nicely is crucial. If you need something to hold your shirt, you can always opt for a good belt – after all, this is what they are meant for.

Plenty of guys make these underwear mistakes, so if you find yourself in this article, don’t feel bad about it. You wouldn’t believe how many guys fit into all of these categories. But it’s your job to change. Not only because of you but also because you don’t want to miss out a booty call opportunity only because you are wearing an ugly pair of underwear.

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