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4 ways technology is redefining the gambling industry

Technology is redefining just about everything in day-to-day life – from the way we shop to the way we sleep.  Technology is also changing how we gamble. 

Where once you had to head down to the local casino if you fancied a flutter, you are now spoiled with choices for countless online casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls and everything else in between right at your fingertips. What was once a warm atmosphere and fun day-out has turned into something much bigger; all forms of gambling you could ever want can be accomplished from the comfort of your own home. 

This isn’t a bad situation, though.  Quite the contrary. This ability has opened countless areas of play that would otherwise be totally inaccessible to the majority. Those in secluded areas can play online and make new friends with like-minded people from around the world. Betting on sports has changed to be more of a social occasion with betting in-play and bingo has seen a revival with more young people playing each and every day. 

The redefinition of the gambling industry isn’t bad at all – it’s just different. There are pros and cons to both the old and new, land-based and online, but there’s no way you can argue that it’s an exciting time to be involved in the industry. 

So what are the salient shifts brought with the development of technology and how are these changing the gambling industry?

1. It’s now predominantly an online experience 

Since the very first appearance in 1996, online casinos have been snowballing in both size and popularity accompanied by a plethora of benefits.

There are no dress codes, no dinner reservations and plenty of loyalty rewards, bonuses and free gifts with which land-based casinos just can’t compete. The best example of this comes in the form of new player bonuses: online casinos will give you ‘free money’ to play their games and try out their sites.  These are usually littered with wagering requirements, but try this in a land-based casino and it would be out of business within the week. 

Betting methods have also changed, with online bookies taking the place of betting shops. Where land-based bookies once lay are now abandoned storefronts as betting shops have lost their place in society. Better odds, clearer displays and instant results can all be seen online; there’s no need for a land-based location. 

Online bookies give new player bonuses that give countless offers to new first-time betters. From free bets to increased odds, there are all kinds of benefits to placing your bets online – but again, it’s the wagering requirements that catch out some of the unknowing. 

Ultimately, new player offers are there to be taken advantage of, but you need to be vigilant if you want to avoid these offers taking advantage of you.  If it sounds like something you’d be interested in learning about – you can visit OnlineCasinoGems to make sure you’re bagging the best deals on the best sites.  

2. There’s now a global gambling community 

One of the biggest changes to gambling in recent years is the formation of a global gambling community. 

In a world where global communities can be formed with any interest as a starting point, it’s no surprise that gambling communities have popped up in countless areas of the web. From chat forums to online groups, there are more ways than ever to chat and discuss gaming to your heart’s content. 

There’s even the chance to play with those around the world that would otherwise only be the stuff of dreams. From the US and UK to Denmark, China, Italy, and France – there is no limit to who are your fellow gamblers or where in the world they may be. 

3. More regulations and increased consumer protection

The increased success in the gambling industry, especially in the online sector, is attracting increased government attention.

More interest from the government brings more scrutiny of structures and regulations about multiple aspects of the industry. The crackdown on the industry is intended to protect all players from fraudsters, conmen and gambling addictions – but for those involved in the industry, it just seems to be an unwanted headache. 

There are no signs of the regulations easing up, either – as more players sign up with casinos every day, we can expect to see stricter policies, regulations and forms of promotion (to follow the latest changes in casino regulations around the world, check out this site).

4. Virtual Reality (VR) casino games 

If you are one who loves what technology is doing and where it’s heading in 2019 then VR casino games are perfect for you…

What once might have been straight out of a science-fiction novel or movie is now one of the hottest topics for discussion in any online casino – VR gaming. This may well be the time to invest in a headset, slip on the goggles and get transported to a digital casino environment to play your favorite casino games. 

The concept of VR casino games is simple (kind of): it’s a blend of video gaming, esports, and gambling. Although the idea of video games is something we expect to appeal to a much younger market, VR casino gaming is aimed at the 30-40 age group who enjoy gambling as a pastime. 

You’re not exactly spoiled for choice when logging on and looking for a VR-capable online casino yet.  With such new technology, that is no surprise. Even so, there are plenty of games to enjoy. VR slots, blackjack and roulette are all available and can even be played live to gain the sense that you’re right in the casino. 

In just a couple more years we expect a much wider availability when it comes to VR gaming.  Stay tuned!. 

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