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3 Ways Marketers Make You Comfortable with CBD Oil Through Messaging

CBD oil and CBD oil-infused products are THE big trend right now. It seems like a new business pops up every day to sell their CBD oil products. The market is already enormous and it is only expected to grow in the coming years.

More and more people are becoming interested in CBD as a way to treat common physical and mental health issues. Though closely-related marijuana and THC are still fairly taboo, people are becoming more and more comfortable using CBD.

This is not by accident. Marketing teams are working hard to remove the stigma and spread the truth about CBD oil and its benefits. They aim to erase the negative image associated with cannabis and replace it with a more positive one.

There are many ways that they could do this, but here are the 3 main ways that marketers make you more comfortable with CBD oil through messaging:

  • Education

Nothing is more important than education when it comes to making people comfortable with medical treatments. And, ultimately, that’s what CBD oil is. It is an alternative treatment for a variety of health issues.

Education-based marketing helps to build trust. When businesses create content to inform you about CBD oil, they show customers that they can be trusted and that they are an authority on the topic of CBD.

When they create this kind of marketing content, they try to think the way that their audience would. They put themselves in their customers’ shoes. What problems are affecting their customers? Why are their customers considering CBD oil? What would they want to know before making a purchase?

Businesses try to answer these questions directly on their site so that all of your needs are met without ever leaving the website. 

When people first start to consider CBD oil, they have a lot of basic questions. Many people are still unsure if CBD oil is even legal. They want to know what the possible benefits and side effects are. Before they even consider purchasing, people want to know a lot about how CBD oil works

Telling people exactly what CBD does in their body will eliminate any confusion or fear about what may happen. Education-based marketing strategies help to set the record straight so that people have the right information from the start. When people hear the truth, they become more comfortable with the idea of using CBD oil.

  • Targeted Audiences

When a new CBD business emerges, they usually choose a very specific audience to serve. They base all of their content and marketing strategies around the needs of this specific audience.

When it comes to targeting an audience for CBD oil usage, many companies will split their audience by the condition that they’re trying to treat. Conditions that are treatable with CBD oil can include anxiety, depression, arthritis, and many more.

Once a marketing team chooses a specific market segment, they will create super-targeted campaigns to address that segment’s questions about using CBD oil. By engaging them directly and bringing up the specific issues an individual may have with CBD oil usage, marketers build trust with them and make them feel more comfortable. 

Their audience may feel better about buying from that business because they have gone out of their way to tackle their questions about CBD oil head-on. Their audience will feel that their concerns are heard and understood.

This marketing style is very common today. 55% of marketers say that their priority in 2019 is to use data to more effectively segment and target audiences. 

This sort of targeting serves not only to draw in specific audiences, but it also helps businesses to diversify from each other. With the ever-increasing popularity of CBD oil, the market can quickly become oversaturated if every business is trying to market to every potential buyer.

By focusing on one group, businesses can make sure that they serve that market segment better. They can ensure that they’re meeting all of their needs. If you are shopping for a CBD oil brand, see which brands out there are trying to serve your market segment directly.

  • Affiliates

Sometimes, CBD oil businesses will partner with an affiliate company to increase their audience reach. They will try to choose an affiliate that their audience member care about or that adds a new level to their marketing strategy.

You can see an example of this partnership at Family Video. Family Video now sells a full line of CBD oil products, both in their rental stores and online.

This partnership is great for the CBD oil industry because it markets the product in a family-friendly, non-threatening environment. Consumers who frequent Family Video will see their CBD oil products and see that it’s not something that they should be afraid of.

This partnership makes consumers more comfortable with the product and it also transfers some of the customers’ trust in Family Video to the CBD oil company that they partner with.

Customers may be hesitant to buy CBD oil from a business that they’ve never dealt with, but they may be more comfortable buying from a company that they frequent, like Family Video. According to Digital Authority Partners, 59% of people would purchase a new product from a company that they recognize.

Depending on their target audience, marketing teams will partner with different affiliates or influencers. These partnerships increase their audience reach, build trust between the consumer and the CBD oil business, and it allows these businesses to better understand the market that they’re trying to serve.

CBD oil marketing teams are working hard to change the stigma surrounding cannabis and CBD oil, and it seems to be working. The CBD oil industry is booming and will continue to grow in the coming years. You will probably see even more marketing teams employing strategies like the ones mentioned above. 

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