In recent years the world has experienced a paradigm shift in communication. The advent of social platforms changed society on a massively inexplicable level as more than a third-quarter of the world is keyed into social media. There are so many social media platforms around the world but the one with the recent greatest influx of users, roughly about 300 million active monthly and still amassing greatly is TikTok.

Formerly Musical.ly, but with its recent merge and upgrade, TikTok gives its users access to filters, stickers, complete professional audio and video options to help them create the perfect content to suit their ideas and imaginations; it is essentially advanced digital Karaoke.

It was initially designed for the teen community but with its recent amazing progression, it has grown to incorporate users both older and younger making it a source of unparalleled potential.


TikTok has become the most popular platform for users to unleash their creativity online. The app features so many options to allow people create and share their videos. Lip-syncing and song covers have never been more popular. Users can sing along to their selected song or record their video and add music later. They can sing, perform together online, create comedy videos and even participate in online challenges. It provides the perfect ground for all creators, especially the young to express their ideas using its fun interface. TikTok is integrated with all other top social platforms allowing its users to connect and share their videos everywhere so they would get feedback for their content.

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TikTok is one of the few if not only social platforms that have managed to connect to all ages. It is a great way to pass time because users could entertain themselves by going online to download tik tok video and even if they are not good at singing, they could easily put together something fun with the app. Although it has not been majorly used educationally, the advantages of introducing it to schools cannot be ignored. Class demonstrations, concept illustrations, music lessons, and assignment tools are various ways the app could be used because students would easily key into it for its fun, easy nature.


TikTok was created with a framework that allows people to create, connect and express. It started out like most platforms with a single purpose which then was to let people create, share and discover short music videos but has grown beyond that. It has become a hub for some many concepts, ideas, and dreams. It has brought so many cultures and people together promoting their differences in fun ways and letting other people appreciate their tastes and content.

Tik Tok has proven over time to be one of the greatest platforms ever created. It has affected and influenced so many people around the world. Although it promotes so much it still has limits to what it tolerates as it has measures in place to prevent excess, such as its “Digital Wellbeing” setting which allows its users to monitor and restrict their app time. It also has privacy policies and uses pop-up comments like “say something nice” to encourage users.

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