Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hello and thank you for having us. We’re on cloud 9 right now. We just held NPC 2019 and it went extremely well.

Having been so much time in front of the camera – what’s like to go in front of a live audience?

It’s always an interesting experience, that’s for sure. I’d say more so for the fact that when our content is consumed online, we don’t see the faces of the people watching/listening to our stuff. So when we can bridge that divide with a live performance, it’s always surreal.

How did you get to join The Nerdcore Party Con?

We actually co-ran and co-funded the event. It was something we’ve always wanted to do: That being get a bunch of artists that do what we do together and put on a show.

What was the thing that entice you the most?

The face to face interaction. Not only with the fans, but with all our fellow creators. Doing things over the internet has its perks, our very existence as a business we can thank to the wonder of the internet. However, its biggest pitfall is human interaction, and that’s what NPC was meant to supplement.

With so many great collaborators joining the convention – are there any plans of doing some live collaboration?

We never go in with something ready to collab on. We like everyone coming in with their guard down and just having a good time. Besides prep for the show, we like to treat it as a company retreat with all the other creators.

With Nerd culture at its peak now – does it get overwhelming to break through all the competition?

I don’t think so. Luckily our community of creators are so friendly and most of them at this point have now met each other. I would even dare say that our community has a huge competitive advantage collectively because of that.

How does conventions like this encourages you guys to keep on going and get better on your craft?

It reminds us that real people are on the other side of the screen and the content impacts them. Otherwise we could easily lose touch and perceive our content as going off into the void. So with that said, it motivates us to get better and better so we don’t let those people down that our content has impacted positively.

What else is happening next in JT Music’s world?

Just keeping that content creator grind going. We’re still creating weekly videos and have a few live action music video productions lined up. And of course, we’re already thinking about NPC 2020.

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