3Angle Release “I Don’t Want Nobody,” featuring Alton on vocals

When we find the person that we’re supposed to be with, nothing can get our minds unpreoccupied by the thoughts of the potential for a blossoming romance. In 3Angle’s “I Don’t Want Nobody,” featuring Alton on vocals, we’re offered a uniquely surreal take on the concept of soulmates in the form of a repetitive lyric that entraps us with its endearingly honest compulsions only to churn us in a million different directions via a whirlwind of synthetic harmonies that reflect the many ways that love can change our lives. The symbolism isn’t at all that enigmatic; if anything, this is a pretty simple song that anyone can interpret and relate to if they’ve known that special spark that comes with an eroticized gaze. “I Don’t Want Nobody” is a reworked version of an already sterling composition, but the way that 3Angle styles it, convincing someone that this is their very own creation isn’t all that difficult. This is a big summer for this trio of sonic sorcerers, as well as Alton, and it’s all because of this amazingly adept collaboration.

HOOP RECORDS: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2247808695468987

There’s so much unfiltered emotion in Alton’s singing, but the real star of this show is the rhythm that cushions his every word. Although there are a couple of really mammoth moments for the bassline, the percussion is what keeps everything moving on an even trajectory in “I Don’t Want Nobody,” and I would even suggest that it’s responsible for the bulk of the tension that is found once we get into the second half of the song. Alton himself puts on a pretty strong performance, but one thing that I might have changed about his portion of the track would have been its equalization. It’s got a touch more treble than he needed, but I suppose that this was necessary to give some balance to the instrumental crunch at the midway mark in the song. Listeners with an ear for detail might disagree with my analysis, but they’re likely to find this a supremely involved piece of material nevertheless. It’s not hard to fall in love with a single as catchy as “I Don’t Want Nobody” is, especially when there are so few rivals to its sensible stylization this season.

SHAZAM: https://www.shazam.com/track/463850925/i-dont-want-nobody-extended-mix

Summer definitely needed a little more swing, and 3Angle and Alton are giving us all that we can handle in this brand new collaborative outing. This track will probably do better among 3Angle’s American fans than previous works did because of its western-influenced drum patterns, but even if it remains a localized hit in the threesome’s native Italy, I think that it’s going to serve its purpose as a statement single on the international level regardless. If these guys are trying to tell us anything in “I Don’t Want Nobody,” it’s that they aren’t satisfied with only being close to the front of the pack in their scene any longer – just the opposite, in fact. They’re ready to take the reins over the future of electronic pop in their corner of the world, and they’re undeniably kicking off their campaign with a bang in this song.

by Bethany Page

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