Hydraulix Takes Voyage With “Space Cadet” EP

Australia’s Hydraulix has just made an epic debut on bass label Wakaan. He counts releases with the likes of TWONK, Quality Goods Records and Never Say Die, and has just crafted a four-track EP titled Space Cadet. 

One of the tunes, “Chopper,” features Krischvn, and he explains the making of it as: “When Krischvn came out to Australia to support me on my last tour, we had some down time and produced ‘Chopper’ in a matter of days, it was one of those times things just clicked!”

The other three are “Skanka,” “Madman” and “It’s Going Down,” the latter having been made with Leotrix. Hydraulix sums up the project, sharing: “Over the past couple of years I’ve been really trying to progress my own sound and simultaneously try new things – but do them in a way that is both true to myself and the fans that have supported me all along.

The Space Cadet EP honors the trap and bass scene that helped grow my career globally but also pays homage to the sounds of drum & bass, dubstep and hip hop that nurtured me as a young music fan growing up in Australia.”

Listen to it below.

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