5 Main Reasons Why Students Cheat

According to the recent numbers in Northern Ireland, ‘cheating incidents during exams have doubled in the last five years’, as it is stated in BBC article ‘Cheating in exams: Smartphones blamed for rise of incidents’. The question is ‘Do we really have to blame smartphones and technology for malpractice during the exams or the reasons are different?’ Let us have a look at five reasons what in fact drives students to cheat today.

  • ‘Cheating is not Bad’

As it turns out, a great number of students doesn’t see cheating as something bad. They believe that if they don’t need the subject in future, what’s the harm of not paying attention to it? Why should I waste my time on useless information? Plus, if everybody cheats, why can’t I? Statistically, according to different surveys, over 52% of students cheated during the test at least once.

  • It is Too Much to Take

On the other hand, there are some more serious reasons for cheating, like that of considerable stress. Learners all around the world claim that studying has become really stressful. More and more students are diagnosed with depression, anxiety, OCD and other problems. It is said that tons of students have high stress level, because they are trying to meet the academic standards. For this reason, being at the edge of a nervous breakdown can sometimes result in ordering your homework online just to share some burden and feel a bit of relief.

  • Overload of Assignments

Another significant reason is too much homework. Students complain that it is physically impossible to finish all the assignments on time, so cheating or plagiarism becomes inevitable. Still, there should be some research done to find out whether it is the poor time management thing or a real curriculum problem.

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  • The Stakes are High

Today, competition is so tough. It all starts with being top of your class and leads to finding it unacceptable to fail. Students try so hard to get high grades, pass all the exams with flying colours, enter a highly prestigious university and then be the best there. As a result, they forget about the essential gist of education – learning, understanding the information and loving the process. Trying to achieve the ultimate goal (that of degree), they do whatever it takes, even if it involves cheating.

  • The Concept of Cheating is Vague

Last but not least, a lot of students don’t understand the concept of cheating and plagiarism. With our technological era, the boundaries of intellectual property are sometimes blurred, so not everybody understands what is considered to be stealing other person’s ideas. Moreover, turning to technology for assistance is often regarded by many as essential help rather than cheating, because ‘why should I keep all the formulas/dates in my head if I can look them online?’

As we see, the existence of smartphones isn’t the main reason why students cheat nowadays. Certainly, they make it easier to cheat, but they aren’t the ones to blame. Actually, so aren’t the students themselves. Cheating and plagiarism are the issues we have to find the way to deal with today, as the reasons behind them are psychological, sociological and even moral. Maybe, the way to fight cheating is finding the new technique of checking the knowledge, but this is probably for the new generations to discover.

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