INTERVIEW: Entertainment Agent NiCalé Cruz

Hi NiCale, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

“I have been very well….and BLESSED! Thank you so much for having me.”

With so many people choosing to be in front of the camera – what made you want to go behind it instead?

“That is a good question. Honestly, I truly love to see people succeed. Everyone has their purpose in life and I believe mine includes two of my dearest passions – helping people and entertainment. Besides, you don’t have to always have to be standing in the spotlight to have your own shine.”

PR and Managing alone is such a stressful work – why did you choose to go on a much stressing role as a booking agent?

“(lol) I thrive in stressful situations! I actually enjoy working under pressure…it keeps me on my toes. In addition, I am good at it. When you enjoy what you do and actually have a knack to accomplish goals in a challenging and competitive industry, why not?”

What’s been like to walk up the ladder to the point you are working with all these incredible and top notch artists?

“It has been quite the journey. Especially being a female in a male-dominated industry. I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and love for music, so I actually started my career as a club promoter in my late teens, early 20’s with a group of some of my close male friends…I was the only female go figure! I began to create relationships with many of the guest celebrities that we booked to perform at the club and grew from there. I worked as executive management in marketing and public relations for about ten years before becoming an independent booking agent. I knew with the trust, great rapport and established relationships I built with many artists, I could create a company (Network with NiCale®) that caters to them.”

How would you say your time working with much smaller acts has helped you tackling these bigger names?

“It has definitely taught me patience and allows me to learn more on a daily basis. Working with beginner/novice artists is very inspirational because of their motivation, desire to succeed and willingness to do whatever it takes (not that mainstream artists don’t, but beginning artists tend to be more “hungry” for it). Thus, providing me more experience and confidence when working with well-known artists.”

Would you say working with bigger names many people like to book is much of an easier job that trying to build a brand name from the scratch… or rather the opposite?

Of course, a more established artist seems easier to book due to the demand of their talent. However, the music and entertainment industry is a VERY competitive and somewhat of a saturated market. Therefore, being able to establish your unique brand and display your specific skills by what you can offer makes it all the more special and worthwhile for other to want….whether it is a celebrity artist or not.”

Working with people on different fields of the entertainment world – does your approach tends to change?

“Yes and No. Yes, because all artists are different (music, producers, actors, etc.) so depending on their profession, you must utilize different skills in order to accomplish the desired outcome. Yet, at my agency (Network with NiCale®), the approach is all the same because we treat everyone with respect and provide the same commitment, dedicated time, and results.

What would you call the most challenging aspect of being a booking agent?

“The most challenging aspect of being a booking agent is definitely staying ahead of the curve. This industry is so fluid, you MUST always remain one-step ahead of the game to not become just “basic” or fall behind. I demand the best from myself; I will always hold to this standard and apply to any aspect of business I touch ”

What else is happening next in NiCale Cruz’s world?

“More business! (lol) I am a serial entrepreneur and aspiring business mogul, so business never stops for me. Although Network with NiCale® is nationally known within the U.S., my future goals include growing it On a personal tip, I have a few business ventures that include franchises and hopefully…some vacation time.”

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