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How to Install an Inverter at Home?

There are many types of inverters available in the market. Some power inverters come with the feature of plug and play. You should always get good gadgets and appliance for your home. You can even hoover over internet on sites to get good knowledge about products you need in your daily routine. Decimal Reviews is place on internet where you get finest products to consume for your home or outside. As we refer it as a good source and used before ourselves.

For installing the inverter, all you need to do is plug the inverter and you’re good to go. Some inverters for home require efforts for installation.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to install an inverter at home. All you need to do is follow the following steps, and you’re good to go:

Select the Inverter Location

Firstly, you’ll have to find a location for installing your inverter. Make sure that the place you select is away from flammable and hazardous material. There should be no moisture, and it should be away from the direct sunlight. These are the critical parameters for selecting the best location for inverter installation.

1.    Mount the Inverter

Secondly, you must mount the inverter. You can install it in any place you like. Its recommended that you should install the inverter perpendicular to the wall.

2.    Installation of Battery

Unscrew the rear panel to the housing chassis. Remove it and keep it aside. Now the lift the top lid to reach the interior side. Make sure that the battery’s long side goes through the front panel length. If you’re installing a couple of batteries make sure that the battery’s positive terminal is to the right side of the main housing. The positive terminal of the second battery is to the left.

3.    Checking the Battery Connectivity

You should check the battery cable connectivity. Use low resistance wire for connectivity. Low resistance cables will help in using the maximum energy.

4.    Inverter Installation

To install the inverter, place it on the main housing chassis facing forward. Disconnect the electricity for this final step. Connect the wires in the following manner:

Electrical cable from the double pole switch and the other end of the cable with the IEC connector. Install it on the back-panel output on the inverter.

Take the wiring harness of the battery and attach them with the back-input connectors.

Turn On

Finally, turn on the power and inverter will start automatically.

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