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5 Reasons Why Sitting Is The New Smoking

While you might find it comfortable to live a sedentary lifestyle, it can be very dangerous for your health. Actually, the more you move during the day, the better the chances of you living a long and healthy life! Less sitting and lying down can result in a lower risk of early death than when you spend your time in front of a computer screen. Some experts even go as far as to compare sitting to smoking! So here are all the reasons why leading a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health just as much as smoking.

It makes you overweight

Exercising or just moving plenty throughout the day helps your body digest sugars and fats that you eat. So, if you spend a lot of time seated, it will slow down your metabolism, make your digestion less efficient and you will retain all the fats and sugars and store them in your body. Even if you do exercise yet still spend the rest of your day sitting, you still have a risk of becoming overweight and developing metabolic syndrome. If you want to combat the effects sitting has on your body, you need at least 60 to 80 minutes of physical activity per day, so three weekly sessions of gym won’t be enough!

It can trigger heart disease

There’s a strong link between sitting for prolonged periods of time and heart disease. People who spend a lot of time watching TV after dinner have higher instances of developing heart disease and dying from cardiovascular disease than those who take a post-dinner walk. People who are inactive and sit for a long time both at work and after have more than 100% higher risk of stroke and heart attack. So get out of your chair and get moving today!

It affects your back, neck and hips

If you sit for a long time, your legs and glutes will lose strength and your back will not support you as well as they did before. Sitting also affects your flexor muscles which can lead to hip problems and strong pain. However, your back is what suffers the most, especially if you don’t practice good posture while being seated and don’t use ergonomic furniture. If you’re worried about the state of your back and think you might need surgery, first consult with experts like Dr Timothy Steel who will offer amazing advice and perform all the necessary tests. In case you need any surgery, you’ll be in good and experienced hands!

It can cause depression and anxiety

While the link between mental health and sitting isn’t as pronounced as a link between physical health and sitting, it’s still there! Experts don’t understand the effects of sitting on depression and anxiety, but they do know that these conditions are more pronounced in people who sit for long hours. One of the reasons why sitting affects mental health is the fact that you miss a lot of positive effects of exercise, so if you notice your mental health declining, try to move more.

It can cause varicose veins and DVT

Spending a lot of time seated can lead to spider veins and more dangerous and pronounced varicose veins. While these conditions aren’t super dangerous in most cases, they can lead to blood clots which can cause more serious health issues. One of the complications is called deep vein thrombosis (DTV). If the blood clot that forms during this disease breaks off, it can cut off the blood flow to other parts of the body and cause serious issues. If it ends up in your lungs, it can cause pulmonary embolism that can be deadly.

Just as smoking isn’t fun, exciting or sexy, sitting isn’t either! So, ditch both habits and prepare to feel much better about yourself and reap many amazing benefits for both your body and mind. A simple standing desk might solve a lot of your problems!

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