What To Binge This Weekend: ‘The Tick’

This week’s binge recommendation is of the “I’m not just the President, I’m also a client” variety. I myself actually did this exact binge last weekend. Admittedly, it wasn’t a perfect time for it. The people behind the show would have likely preferred I had done it a couple months earlier. Alas, that’s the nature of the beast sometimes. Last weekend, I binged The Tick, and now I am passing that idea on to you.

If you aren’t familiar with the character of The Tick, he’s a giant big blue guy who is either in a tick suit, or is some sort of tick-like humanoid. Oh, and he’s a superhero. He’s one of the most-powerful superheroes in the world. The Tick is super strong and basically unkillable. Also, he’s dumb. Or ignorant, perhaps. He seems confused by the world around him. And then he has a sidekick named Arthur, who wears a moth suit and is just a somewhat scrawny guy in over his head.

Beyond that, there are different iterations of the Tick universe. I never read the comic, or watched the cartoon, but I did watch the FOX sitcom with Patrick Warburton as Tick. It was funny, but it lasted, like, six episodes. A couple years ago, Amazon Prime created a new version of The Tick, this time with British actor Peter Serafinowicz as The Tick and Griffin Newman as Arthur.

Given the previous iterations of The Tick, I was expectedly a supremely silly comedy with a bunch of wacky antics. That is not what this show is. It’s comedic, sure, but it had way more drama and pathos, and it even gets a little dark. It seems like the show wasn’t quite sure what it wanted to be either. The first season has a lot of swearing and some gore. You see a guy get his throat slit. It’s for mature audiences. Then, the second season is a light PG-13. It’s a little weird, to be honest.

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Despite that, I liked the show. It was solid. Serafinowicz is great as The Tick. His suit is really impressive, too. They made a costume for the show with moving antennae, and somebody was moving them around via remote control. There’s also some real pathos to the show. When the first season begins, Arthur isn’t just some average Joe. He’s a guy with mental health issues traumatized by the fact that a supervillain named The Terror killed his father. He’s not even sure The Tick is real when he meets him, because he’s had hallucinations in the past. And then Tick will say something dumb and we all have a laugh.

Unfortunately for the people on the show, Amazon cancelled The Tick after its second season. There shall be no more episodes. However, that means there are only 22 episodes for you to binge. Both seasons tell self-contained stories. It’s not really a parody of superheroes, though there is a bit of parody, especially with the Punisher analog Overkill. It’s a superhero show that happens to have a lot of comedy in it, and there are some real laughs in there. Destiny’s calling, and she wants you to spend a weekend with the Big Blue Guy.

And if that’s not enough, the Warburton Tick is on Amazon Prime as well.

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