Top Horror Movies of 2019

Going into 2019 it seemed like it could be a banner year for horror movies. Jordan Peele was releasing another hyped movie. Some classics were also seeing reboots come through the pipeline bringing up nostalgia for some. With the year over it is time to take stock as we sit at the halfway point of what has been a very uneven year to date. Coto Movies is my one to go app to where I watched all these 2019 best horror movies.

Note: (The following films are ranked in descending order based off what I have seen IN THEATERS, meaning streaming service movies were not considered)

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13. Curse of La Llorona: Yes this movie gets its own category because it is indeed this bad. Another part of the ever expanding Conjuring universe, but yet another flop. This movie lacks anything that resembles a decent plot and is easily not just the worst horror movie, but worst movie of 2019. The Conjuring franchise has taken a lot of hits for movies other than The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 recently and this is another massive dud.

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Really bad: 

12. The Intruder – This movie may be one that some consider a thriller more than horror, but it is realistically both. The problem though is this movie isn’t scary or suspenseful. The jump scares in this are obvious and ineffective, as well as far too prevalent. Dennis Quaid was not bad as the psychotic home owner, but everything else was lacking.

11. Ma – Going into 2019 Ma was a relatively fresh take on horror giving some people hope for it. However, this clearly is not the fresh take for which people were hoping. The movie had poor pace, and lacked a thrill or scare. The bones of the story are there for a decent movie, but unfortunately this isn’t it.

10. The Escape Room – Another fresh take on a hit game that has popped up more and more across the country. This movie is likely to get another installment soon (listed as a 2020 release for now) due to their big $155M profit. This franchise lacked the punch you’d expect, but is similar to the Purge franchise in it is a popular idea that people will see regardless of reviews. Here is hoping the next escape will have more thrill to it.

9. The Prodigy – This movie had the potential to be a solid horror movie. Another horror film based on a young child, this movie is actually set up for a sequel, but am unsure if it gets granted. The movie across the board left a little to be desired and felt like a cheap attempt to demonize a child. This is close to next category, but in the end the uneven pace kept it down.

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I’d pass: 

8. Pet Sematary – This movie is one I was very excited to see. After all the Stephen King novels had started experiencing something of a bounce back after It. However this movie was anything but exciting. The big problem I had with the movie was the twist at the end that felt forced and just odd. The story started a little slow, picked up a little in the middle, but then crashed at the end.

7. Midsommar – This may be the biggest surprise to horror fans as this movie was well received by a lot of critics. One thing I will credit this movie for is being super unique and a fresh idea to an industry that struggles with them. I personally did not like the pace of the movie nor did I care for the length, but can understand people who liked it. This seems to be the biggest disparity on movies in 2019 as some love it and some were not impressed at all. I am more of the latter, but understand the love.

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Not bad: 

6. Annabelle Comes Home – A surprise to me, Annabelle Comes Home was a solid movie. The pace of the film was good and the payoff of the movie was solid for what I was expecting. Loved the idea of the Warren’s locked away things bringing a curse about the house. I was not crazy about how the curse came about, but overall I thought the writing was solid and they did well having Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson in it to introduce the storyline. Very surprised it did this well, but a good experience overall.

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Worth a viewing:

5. Child’s Play –  The biggest surprise on this list to this point in my opinion Child’s Play was overall a good movie that had the gruesomeness horror fans have come to expect with Chucky. The most creative aspect was making the smart toys attack giving it a very real feel to a nation and world that is so reliant on it. For horror fans this movie had a little of everything and capitalized on making automated toys and devices evil, something I am sure will be replicated.

4. Brightburn – Ever wonder what it would be like if when Superman crashed to Earth he was evil? Well Brightburn helps answer that hypothetical and does so in a concise and clear story that does well with pace. The progression of Brandon as he begins to use his powers and learn how to use his anger is fascinating to watch. Not the best horror movie of the year, but I found it a solid viewing.

3. Happy Death Day 2U – After a successful first movie I had questions about this sequel, but the story ended up making sense and as with the first one was light-hearted and a fun follow along throughout. Additionally the change in story to make the end less obvious was necessary, but good to see they didn’t mail it in on the script. The cast all did a great job in my opinion and was funny to see plan and interact. Sadly it appears there will be no third movie.

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Top of the class:

2. Crawl – Bar none the absolute stunner of the year thus far is Crawl, a movie that no one saw doing anything special. However this movie was fantastic. The story made sense and actually matched the release date with hurricane season coming around the corner. Moreover the best thing was the Alligators who were absolutely awesome in that they were unrealistically big nor were they boring. This is the rare movie that showed you everything you could ask for horror in a tight window. If you enjoy suspense, horror, and solid acting this movie should be a must watch. All above mentioned movies are available in Titanium TV. You can download Titanium TV and watch all the movies for free.

1. Us – No shock at the top as Jordan Peele’s Us is the top horror movie in the first half of 2019. Peele has now officially solidified himself as a top movie mind for all future movies after delivering two fantastic films in Get Out and now Us. Unlike the other movies on this list, this movie really makes you think and is definitely one I recommend watching more than once as there are certainly things you will miss the first time through. The movie at times can be a little slow, but the payoff in the end will make question what just happened. (Side note: Lupita Nyong’o was incredible) Worth the watch as the top horror movie thus far in 2019.

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