Local Moving- Relocation within the Same State using A Moving Company

Local moving means moving within the same state. It can also be referred to as intrastate moving. The easiest way to move from one house to the other with the same state is to contract a local moving company. A local moving company or a local mover is a company that transports your belongings within the same state. It is a common misconception that when moving within the same state it is always much easier. You may not have to travel that long to travel, but the moving process can still be difficult. Having all the information and knowledge about a same state move can help you save a lot of money and frustration. There are lots of companies like Boise Movers which can help you in relocating.

The Moving Process

The moving process involves buying or finding materials such as boxes, tapes, paper and bubble wraps which can be used to pack box able or fragile household goods. There is a lot of work involved in moving no matter who you are. The cycle of a move can be complex and flexible, with different options of which moving company is best to use for local moving. A good moving company can provide a stress free, seamless moving experience with the following services.

The Visual Survey

Survey is when a moving company’s salesperson comes to your home to get a list of the things you need to move. The end result of a survey is an estimated shipment weight that will help in determining pricing. The survey can give you an insight into the other factors that should be considered for your move. Some these factors include

  • Crating for delicate items

  • The size of truck that will fit your properties

  • The size of truck that will fit your street

  • Third party services such as dismantling a pool table or draining water line on a refrigerator.

In some situations, a visual survey can be omitted. But if or when omitted, the moving company may not be able to guarantee the estimate.

The Estimate

Moving can include a host of costs you may not be expecting. The estimate is a written list of a moving process and the cost associated with it. An estimate should state clearly what will determine the final pricing for the move. Hiring professional movers should cost a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the moving company you hired, how far you are going, and the services you want. To avoid a surprising bill, get a quote or estimate before hiring a mover so as to know exactly what to expect on your move day.

Packing service

This process involves packing all the household items into a box to make sure the delicate items do not get damaged before they get to the new home. Packing includes wrapping items in packing paper and placing them carefully into moving boxes. While packing, extra paper can be crumpled and placed in empty boxes to make sure there is no room for items in the box to shift or move around. FROGBOX reusable containers can be used for local moves.


This process differs depending on the type of move involved. For local moves, the movers (moving company), prepares a list of the items being moved as well as any pre-existing damages on the items. Wood furniture is wrapped in padded blankets, and upholstered furniture and mattresses are put in very large bags to prevent soiling. Larger items like desks or treadmill can be disassembled to facilitate moving them.

Storage Service

Storage is needed when people are waiting for the keys to their new homes, when they need empty room for renovation, or for clustering. A storage or warehouse should be climate controlled, secured and have monitored alarm system.

Delivery Service

When your things are moved into the new home, the movers are to place the boxes and furniture into the different rooms under your supervision. The movers will also assemble anything or any item that was disassembled in the old house.


Unpacking can be done by oneself or by the moving company. Some people prefer to unpack their things by themselves and place them at their right positions at a leisure time. But when you use a moving company, the movers usually have an unpack service that include opening the boxes, removing the packing paper, putting the items in the boxes on your tables, countertops, beds and any flat surface in the new home. They (the movers) will also help in removing all the empty moving boxes and packing paper.

Cleaning services

After unpacking the items, the moving company can provide cleaning services such as deep house cleaning, and carpet cleaning. They will help to remove any stains that might have occurred as a result of the move and also give your New home a clean look.

Differences Between Moving Yourself And Hiring Movers

The differences between moving yourself and hiring movers are numerous.

Moving Yourself

When you move yourself you have the following advantages as well as problems or disadvantages

  • You save money

  • You take total control of the move

  • You pack anyhow

  • You may have to lift heavy things all by yourself

  • You plan your moving and coordinate the moving yourself

  • Unexpected problems may arise.

 Hiring Movers

When you hire movers, they use their professional skills and abilities to assist you with certain moving tools. You will have the following advantages as well as disadvantages when you hire movers

  • You would not need to lift a finger

  • The whole moving process becomes less stressful

  • Its saves time

  • Your control over the move is limited and

  • It is quite expensive to hire professional movers.

In conclusion, great care from both yourself and the trained trained movers is needed to move things safely and effectively during a moving process. However, damages can happen no matter how careful people are. When there are damages during the process, a claim can be made to the moving company. The company is under contract and as such is liable to pay for the damages incurred by the movers during the moving process.

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  1. Its good to know that moving companies should place boxes and furniture into their respective rooms. My wife and I want to hire a moving company to help us move and we were wondering if we will have to do any moving at all. I’ll be sure to let her know that a moving company should put things in their respective rooms.

  2. You made a good point that movers would be able to put wood furniture in wraps to prevent scuffs and other damages. I’ve been considerint renting a U Haul and trying to move to a new apartment across town. Maybe I should consider furniture moving services and see how that could help me.

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