Get Out of Your Routine: Break the Autopilot Cycle

Do you ever feel like you’re going through the day on autopilot? Even when everything is going just right, you can still feel like you’re stuck in a repetitive cycle day after day. It depends on how you treat yourself and your everyday tasks. If you aren’t getting out of your comfort zone often, things tend to settle down and become uninspiring. The best way to break the cycle is to put yourself out there, one small step at a time.

1. Keep your morning meals fresh

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s something a lot of people often disregard. After all, would you rather spend a good half hour making a proper meal for yourself or enjoying the sweet embrace of your bed a tiny bit longer before having to get ready for work? After a while, the bed seems like a more attractive option, when compared to making breakfast. You’re not all that hungry anyway and you’ll make up for it during lunch, so why bother?

This line of thinking can really spoil your morning. It’s important to get your fair share of nutrients before you get out the door. Your creativity and productivity significantly drop when you aren’t given the boost of energy you need.

If you aren’t particularly inspired in the morning, but you still want to make a meal that will kickstart your day, you can always make yourself a quick smoothie.  Not the kind of smoothie you might enjoy on a hot summer’s day when you want a treat, mind you. You want to make a smoothie that will pack a punch and satisfy your nutritional needs. Alongside some delicious fruit like raspberries and blueberries, you should consider adding nuts like almonds and chestnuts into the mix. With a side of healthy yogurt, you are going to get a smoothie that will get you up in the morning, without it taking longer than a minute to make.

2. Positive thinking gets you places

It’s easy to get caught up in the negative what-ifs of the day. There’s never a guarantee that your plans will fall through and that your day will go as planned. However, you have to accept the uncertainty of negative outcomes as well. Pessimistic thoughts are common because they’re easy to think about. When you always expect the worst, even a normal day can be a pleasant surprise. However, this is the wrong way to approach things in life and you’re going to end up with more anxiety than you can handle. It’s a recipe for burning out.

It costs you exactly nothing to imagine a world where your ideas and plans are executed flawlessly and your day goes perfectly well. If you’re already an expert in your line of work, is it really that much of a stretch that you’ll be able to handle a difficult project? In most cases, the answer is no, and you’ll probably get through it without issues. Motivating yourself with anxiety and thoughts of failure will make your workdays feel a lot gloomier.

Think positive and show enthusiasm when taking on a new challenge. Even the worst-case scenario isn’t worth troubling yourself. Constantly thinking about negative outcomes will bring you down and make it even harder for you to actually get things done, which makes it even more counterintuitive. It’s a lot harder than it seems, but you have to embrace positive thinking.

3. Enjoy the little things, even when they seem unimportant

It’s hard to say when you can start enjoying things. When you’re in the middle of a busy workday, it’s easy to daydream about all the little things you would arrange for yourself to make your day special and comfortable. It’s strange how quickly this changes after work hours. Even when you’re relaxing at home, you can’t shake the feeling that you’re still busy and that there’s no time to sit back and enjoy the little things.

You should make every single thing you do feel special. If you are running a bath for yourself, don’t hesitate to put on some candles and relaxing music. If you’re going to enjoy yourself, might as well go all the way. This is especially important when it comes to cooking and going out. When you’re cooking up a meal for dinner, you should cover all of your bases. You deserve everything from an appetizer to dessert. Since you’re already making a full meal, prep something sweet on the side while the main course is still cooking. You’ll certainly appreciate your meals a lot more if you go all out.

Speaking of going all out, you should never keep yourself from looking your best, especially when going out with friends. Looking good really does lead to feeling good. People often reserve looking their best for big events, but that doesn’t have to be your routine. Who’s going to stop you from doing it every time? You can look like a million bucks whenever you feel like it. It’s going to make you more sociable and you’re going to feel a lot better about yourself, even if it takes a couple of minutes longer to prepare.

4. Make every trip worth it

No matter where you’re headed, the destination isn’t nearly as important as the journey itself. It’s a wonderful philosophy to live by. Keep in mind that it’s not just reserved for vacations and trips overseas, you can apply it to just about every aspect of your life.

When you’re making your way to work, you probably don’t enjoy the experience. It’s hard to find any enjoyment in spending time on public transportation. If the crowdedness of the bus doesn’t bother you, the smell and sudden motions probably do. It’s not exactly the most comfortable travel experience, but it gets you there in time, doesn’t it?

It might do the job, but is it really worth it? There are other ways to make your way around town without having to feel like a sardine in a can. A lot of people like to incorporate a bit of exercise into their commute. Electric bicycles are catching on as the most interesting new way for young businesspeople to get around. You can cover a lot of ground while also getting a nice pick-me-up from the ride. The electric portion of the bicycle can take over when you feel like you might overexert yourself, but you can easily glide through long distances without it. Coupled with your morning coffee, this healthy way to commute to work can kickstart your day and give you a much-needed boost of energy. You get to flex your muscles and joints, which will counteract the unhealthy effects of sitting down at your desk for long periods. The best part is – you get to enjoy the fresh air and a light breeze while you ride.

5. Get talkative with your close ones

Communication is the cornerstone of every relationship. The way you communicate with your significant other and your friends is what makes your relationship. It’s something we don’t really question. It just seems like an intuitive thing to follow and changes don’t seem necessary. However, this is exactly why a lot of people have problems when opening up and expressing themselves. Communication is a skill that needs to be honed and practised. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and not express yourself the best way you could.

The best way to practice communication is to just talk it out. Don’t play any games, just say what’s on your mind and work from there. If there’s something bothering you about the way your partner treats you, talk to them about it. It could have a very positive effect on every part of your relationship. Whether it’s about chores, work, emotions, or your love life, you can be sure that communication is going to improve it.

Sometimes, your friends might not be aware of all the things that are bothering you. If you can’t trust them enough to confide in, who can you really trust? Spill the beans and have open discussions. If you break the ice, it’s very likely that they’ll also follow and communicate more openly from then on. All people need is a little push to show them that it’s not all that scary to talk about things.


Making your day feel special and unique isn’t as difficult as you might have thought. It’s all about giving yourself what you need, even if it takes a bit of effort. The effort doesn’t even have to be monumental, just working on a couple of details will make your life seem so much richer. Keep some of these examples on your mind when you wake up in the morning and you’ll feel like a brand new person every single day

by Mianna Korben

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