6 Differences That Will Help You Decide East Coast or West Coast Living

If you’re searching for a place to settle down, you might be considering the differences between the East Coast and West Coast. There are several pros and cons for living in either place, so the decision could get a bit difficult.

Before you look at any Norwalk apartments for rent or these stunning Financial District apartments, a little research is in order. Let’s take a look at some of the main differences to facilitate your decision:

  1. Weather Patterns

The main difference between living on the West Coast and the East Coast is the weather. You get extreme experiences on the East, while the West is mild and balmy for the most part. If this factor is important to you, the West wins out this time.

You might have to account for certain allergies or illnesses that make it difficult to abide by heavy snowfall and rains. If that’s the case, you’ll prefer to avoid the East Coast.

  1. Culinary Experiences

Food isn’t everything, but some people place it on a very high pedestal. Fortunately, the West Coast and East Coast even out pretty well on this count, with the East having a slight advantage. In New York, for instance, you can get some of the best pizza, Italian food, and other cuisines without much effort.

The West Coast is reliable for a good old chain restaurant, but the East will give you something to satisfy every taste bud. You’ll have a lot of culinary adventures in the latter, so see if this is important to you.

  1. People

We’re all aware of the stereotypical rudeness of the average New Yorker. This is true to a large extent, so the East Coast scores a little low in the friendliness area. The cities on the West Coast are a lot better, especially if you don’t like being in a rush all the time. Here, you can smile at strangers and even strike a casual conversation while in waiting rooms or on the train.

If you do prefer the fast life and aren’t much of a people person, this factor might not be so important for you. The other advantages of the East Coast can certainly outweigh this downside. We also have to keep in mind that you’ll find a lot of people trying to sell stuff or otherwise grab attention in the East Coast. In a way, it becomes second nature to shrug everyone off.

  1. Entertainment Choices

In the West Coast, life might get a tad slow. The beach provides limited opportunities when you’re so close to it. But in the East Coast, you’re likely to experience something new just around the corner.

You get free shows, lots of museums, pop-up shops, and so much more in the course of a single day. Some might like this sort of lifestyle; others might prefer a slower kind.

  1. The Transport Factor

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NYC is simply impossible for its sheer traffic. You’re best off taking the subway for everything, but this system is one of the best in the world. It’s also quite cheap, as you get a lot of bang for your buck.

  1. The Expense

Both the East and West Coast are pretty dear in terms of living. You can forget about getting a large place to live and get ready to pay for several living costs as well. However, the West Coast is a tad bit more affordable in everyday terms.

Wrapping Up

If you ask people living on either the West or East Coast, they’ll probably brag that their region is the best place to live. With the differences outlined above, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision. There’s a lot of good on either side, so take your time before making a final choice.

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