Is WordPress Platform Secure For Transportation Websites?

WordPress is a widely used CMS by website owners across the globe. Almost 60 percent of the sites use WordPress to manage the content on their web pages. The matter of security of the WordPress platform for websites has been a major topic of discussion for years.

With thousands of WordPress websites getting hacked every year, the question arises –“is WordPress secure”? Should logistics and transportation businesses use it to build their websites? Let us dive deeper into the security of WordPress for transportation websites.

When discussing WordPress security, the first thing to consider is that any vulnerabilities extend beyond the core areas of a content management system. WordPress is made up of three parts.

  1. The core

  2. Plugins

  3. Themes

Considering the latest statistics about WordPress security, we can see the vulnerabilities for each component. Let us check out the most common security issues business owners experience with WordPress websites.

Brute force attack

A Bruce force attack is a technique that uses a trial and error approach to obtain information such as PINs and passwords. Cyber criminals use a number of passwords and user names to login into your website until they get the right combination. Most WordPress users with a weak username and password are prone to such attacks.

SQL injection

The SQL injection is a technique that uses code injection to attack data driven applications. The attackers insert malicious SQL statements into an entry field to exploit safety vulnerabilities in software. Attackers use the SQL injection technique to bypass the security measures of an application. By doing this, they can retrieve the content of the transportation website or destroy the same.


Attackers use malicious software to gain access to data of a logistics website by inserting a code in an expired plugin or theme. The attacker is able to access and extract the date and even insert malicious content into the site.

Cross-site scripting

The threat is usually found in the wordpress plugins, and the attacker inserts a Javascript code to collect date from an application. Also called as the XSS attack, the threat can redirect the victim to other malicious websites.

DDoS attack

DDoS means distributed denial of service. It is an attack that can overflow a website with traffic making it unable to provide content to legitimate visitors. The malware used in the content is very tough to locate and remove. Therefore, it becomes nearly impossible for a transportation website to recognize and serve legitimate visitors.

What can transportation businesses do to make their WordPress website secure?

There are many steps that wordpress website owners can take to make their sites secure from hacks and malicious attacks. Let us check some crucial steps that every transportation website owner should follow to make it secure.

Keep the core up to date

Many transportation website owners are still using the 3.X versions of wordpress. These versions are the most vulnerable to malware and cyber attacks. Website owners need to keep their application up to date for the safety of their content. Also, it is essential to turn on the automatic updates so that the core can be updated automatically whenever a new update becomes available, you may find more info at places like siteguideninja.

Keep the themes and plugins updated


The beautiful themes and useful plugins are what makes WordPress the most used platform. People download the latest and free themes to install them to make their website look attractive. However, a new plugin might be a gateway for malicious attacks. When you install a new theme or plugin, there is a possibility of malware code in the same.

As themes and plugins are essential for a transportation website, you can use paid themes and plugins as they are safer than the free ones. WordPress team pays more attention to make the paid features safe and secure against malware and security threats.

Use encrypted passwords

Logistics and transportation website owners need to take care of the username and passwords they use to log in their WordPress. As Brute force attacks are the most common threats, website owners need to limit attempts to login into their wordpress. For example, if you limit the number of attempts to three, anyone trying to login with a random password will not be allowed after three attempts.

Also, website owners should use encrypted passwords instead of family names, vehicle registration numbers, or anything that can be easily guessed. Encrypted passwords need to be decrypted before reading them, and they are stronger and more secure than standard passwords.

Captcha Solutions

Using captcha solutions is a method to prevent the bots from logging into your website and make changes in your content. Putting a captcha on your login page will need all users to pass the check before they can sign up or log in. Even Google has made an announcement that it would remove the standard Recaptcha – “I am not a Robot” to introduce a new version that will automatically detect suspicious users and ask them to go through usual checks.

Server security

Even if you have your application updated, hackers can steal your content and destroy your website if your server security is weak. Transport and logistics website owners need to install security updates for the web server, operating system, PHP, and other applications. Moreover, installing a system firewall, using WAF implementation, Intrusion detection system, TCP wrappers, and DDoS protection can help you to enhance your server security.

Final Words

These were the facts about wordpress security that every transport and logistics business should consider to make their websites safe and secure from security attacks. However, in addition to website security companies should also consider using the right tools to manage their business.

They should use the right vehicles for transportation and high quality scaling equipment like floor scales, crane scale kit, and digital weighing machines that offer high quality and accuracy. Considering the tips and techniques in this article can help transportation businesses to make their wordpress websites safe and secure from hacks and threats.

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