Mornings without coffee- hard to think, isn’t it? Especially for those who are addicted to it. The fascinating fiction is that, for the coffee lovers, it is not just a drink but it is love, for they feel way too much with a coffee in hand. You can try and look for nespresso vertuoline to enhance your overall coffee experience.

If, for you a happy morning means a coffee morning with a coffee mug in hand, oh great! You are a coffee lover too. And of course, for you the coffee’o clock is the best and happy time of a day.

There are large numbers of coffee enthusiast in the world than you think and for them, a coffee shop is their best place, a coffee maker is their best gadget, a coffee mug is their best gift and coffee is their life.

Well! Have you always heard everything good about one subject, definitely- no! So, coffee also has shades of grey. Some are of the belief that coffee is not good for health. It causes this and that. No doubt, to some extent, it is a truth but only if you take too much of the quantity and of the bad quality.

Else, coffee can be bliss, a cheerful source. Where it can improve your health, it can boost up your mood too- Happy fact, right?

Oh wait! You want to know how coffee can be good too. Have a look, then;

  • The fact of weight loss

The fat cells in the body get breaks, if you have a good coffee.

The magnesium and potassium content of it, regulates your sugar level too.

  • Reduces the risk of stroke

Off course, a common risk nowadays, the risk of stroke.

Nevertheless, it can be lessened by having the apt quantity of coffee.

  • Shrinkage in diabetes

As told already, coffee regulates the sugar level by lowering the insulin sensitivity. So, it helps to reduce the diabetes.

  • Coffee- The energy booster

The caffeine in the coffee raises your energy level and helps you to stay alert. So if you are tired, chilling with coffee is a wonderful idea.

  • Coffee with nutrients

Coffee is rich in few nutrients too. It contains magnesium, potassium

Riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid and it is enough to prove the fact.

  • Cures the Parkinson’s disease

The intake of 2-3 cups of coffee a day lowers the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

The caffeine content helps to fight the causes of this disease and thus prevent it to happen.

There are numerous other advantages of having a coffee. These are;

  • Coffee helps to reduce the body pain, if any.

  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases, that is, the right quantity of coffee is good for a health patient.

  • Lowers the risk of liver diseases.

  • Alzheimer disease’s risks can also cut down with coffee.

  • Coffee is quite helpful in curing the colon cancer.

  • Coffee is also good when one is suffering from lower blood pressure.

  • A shot of coffee in between the work can make you feel active and alert.

  • Coffee reduces the depression by being a mood enhancer.

  • Also, the risk of suicide can get eliminate to a great extent.

Off course! Coffee is this much good, for the health as well for the mind.

But we cannot also ignore the few of the cons of coffee which can affect bad if not taken in right quantity. I mean, if you are way too addicted to coffee and have more than the recommended quantity. Even, the bad quality coffee beans will not do it your favor.

So what are those disadvantages of having a bad coffee or too much coffee?

These are;

  • Not for pregnant women

The study suggests that it is not safe for pregnant women to have much coffee. Only 1-2 cups a day can be normal but not more than that. But if it irritates the child or cause any sort of another problem, the caffeine content should completely be cut down.

  • Affects the sleep

Undoubtedly, coffee gives you energy but if you take more than 3 cups a day, it can even make you sleepless. Of course, caffeine is the reason for this and it is suggested to only take apt amount to have benefits than getting affected from it.

  • Addiction

You must be aware about the drug addicts. If you are dependent on too much of coffee, that is, if you are a coffee addict, the situation is not less than being a drug addict. So avoid consuming it more and more.

  • Causes ulcers

If you have a weak intestine, avoid taking more than 2 cups a day. As coffee can affect the GI tract and can result in stomach ulcers.

Yes! There are few cons of coffee but as I told it will only be disadvantageous if consumed more than recommended.

Anyhow, the main concern of our topic was the benefits of coffee and those don’t end there as mentioned above. There are so many pros of coffee. Just as, Coffee is a great drink for fighting        depression too. Well, depression is a common issue nowadays, a big threat, and I am sure one couldn’t agree more.

Depression and coffee is a kind of combination, actually the two sides of one coin.

So, it is obvious to learn how coffee fights with depression.

But first let us know exactly what depression is?


Do you feel sad every now and then? Or do you many of the times hate everything going around you- the people, the situation, and every activity? But have you thought why this happen?

May be it is because of the depression caused by one or the other reasons.

Basically, depression is a mental illness which takes your interest away from the life and its happening. It can make you feel miserable anytime and anywhere. It can even affect your way of thinking, your mental ability and your feelings.

Some of the problems causes due to depression are:

  • Insomnia, the problem in sleeping or the situation of being sleepless night.

  • With the sleepless night, one may feel tired at anytime of the day.

  • Dark circles under the eyes.

  • Problem in speaking ability of the victim.

  • Loss of confidence.

  • The victim may consider him or her lack of worth and a feeling of guilt always strike one’s mind.

  • Appetite entirely gets changed.

  • It may sometimes also lead to worse medical issues such as migraine and brain tumor.

With so many serious effects of just one problem- depression, there is one more big threat of it, that is, it takes away the interest in life thus causing the feeling of suicide.

The estimated count of the depression and victims has increased in recent years and it will continue to increase if not properly cured.

How can we let somebody suffering from the feeling of suicide or other health issues just because of depression?

There is a dire need to work on it. The depression victims should be treated with care and love. They need a best of companion in their worst of times.

Though, the medical facilities such as counseling and proper mental treatment are available for it but a homemade treatment such as intake of tea or coffee can also work against it, if it is minor and even to avoid it.

One can fight the depression with a right quantity of coffee in a day but let us know how does it work?

The fight of coffee with depression

Depression, sounds quite simple word but it could be very harmful when it comes to suffering. However, coffee is one of the better ways to eliminate it. The caffeine content in the coffee reduces the incidence of depression. Not only this, it reduces the chances of suicides too, and it’s a medical fact.

Actually, coffee is an antioxidant which acts good in the affected parts of the brain. The headache, discomfort and stress are off course unwanted, but you can get normal with a shot of coffee. Because, the nervous system gets braced with the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline with the intake of caffeine. You can enhance your mood with coffee. It’s a source of joy.

To add more, coffee is also better than milk tea when it comes to cure depression as it has more caffeine content than tea and it is revealed by the scientists. However, the green tea can benefit the health more or equal to coffee.

So, coffee is definitely a Dragon for depression.

To sum up, you can boost your health with the coffee at home but make sure to have a good quality beans and the right quantity of coffee, that is, 2-3 cups a day. And if you go with the coffee just this way, it will work as a boon.

The magical fragrance, the silky texture, and delicious taste of coffee, sounds like a heavenly concept.

So, ‘There cannot be anything bad with a good coffee’.

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