Here Are 7 Website Builders With Efficient Website Security

When selecting a website builder for your business, you need to select one that consists of the best of the features. One of the features that you should look for, in a website builder, is good security. Your website is vulnerable to security breaches, data theft, and hacking. It’s important that you choose a website builder with efficient website security, to learn how to choose a website builder read more.

In the absence of a good security backup system, you’re putting your website data and customer data at risk of payment frauds and thefts. In fact, a lack of website safety can attract cybercriminals to your online store. It has been found that every ‘one in about six websites’ falls prey to such website frauds every year. As a result of a security breach, such websites are left with little option but to shut down. In this sense, poor website security could have financial repercussions for your business.

Having good internet security features is important for the reputation of your website as well. A website that has had security loopholes in the past will not be able to enjoy a loyal customer base. Fortunately, there are various website builders that come with good security features.

We have compiled a list of seven of the top website builders with efficient website security:


Shopify is a full-fledged eCommerce shopping platform that offers features for the security of your website. The good thing about using Shopify’s website builder is that it’s level 1 PCI DSS compliant. As a result, your website is secure from threats to customers’ personal and financial data. The security features have been inculcated to ensure that you don’t fall prey to credit card frauds. Shopify also offers automated installations and activations of updates so that there is minimal risk of data security breaches.

Shopify offers a secure website builder for your business


Wix is another website builder that offers a range of features for maintaining website security. It’s very easy to turn your website into an HTTPs with Wix as it comes with a free SSL certificate. The information and data that the website receives and sends are encrypted. It’s PCI DSS compliant and makes use of TLS encryption to protect important details about your website as well as the personal details of your customers. This website builder also allows you to add password protection for not only the website but also for individual pages for maximum security. To avoid any loopholes in security, Wix keeps all apps and pages associated with your website up to date.


Wix is a website builder with necessary security features


GoDaddy is a website builder you can rely on, for protecting your website. The website offers a full-fledged security package powered by Sucuri to avoid attacks from hackers. As a part of the website, you get to leverage the advanced security monitoring for DDoS, 24X7 support from the team. It also offers protection from Zero-day attacks and Google blacklists.

GoDaddy has a full-fledged security package powered by Sucuri. Find the link provided and check out the latest Godaddy promo code.


Site123 is a website builder which offers various security features as a part of the basic package. This website builder also conducts regular backups and offers a top-notch firewall for protecting your data and making sure that your website is safe from any forms of threat. All websites created with Site123 come with an SSL certificate and offer 24X7 live chat support from the team.

Site123 is a website builder that comes with good security features comes with a very secure server that has multiple points of back-up. Sitebuilder does provide an HTTPs site and you can switch between HTTPs and HTTP websites. You have to purchase the SSL certificate as a separate add-on to your domain name. The website builder isn’t responsible for maintaining any backup of your information either. Also, you have to promptly check and get rid of any malware on your website. offers a basic website builder is a website builder that offers an SSL certificate using which you can create an HTTPs-secure website for your business. It offers good quality security support in the form of regular backups, frequent malware scanning, and automatic updates for plugins. You can enjoy the security package that this website builder offers if you buy their pro plan or opt for the ‘Do It For Me’ option. offers different website builder packages


With Weebly, you can keep security breaches and hackers at bay. It offers password protection for different pages, keeping in mind the sensitive parts of your website. 128-bit encryptions are also included as a part of the custom-built SSL certificates that this website builder offers. This ensures a good security plan for your website.

Weebly is a good website builder you can try for your business

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