Some Important Things to Know Before Designing Hollywood Movie Posters Online

Hollywood movie posters are created by talented and creative artists. However, poster-making involves a lot of hard work and dedication. We know that a picture is supposed to speak a thousand words. However, a film poster must be worth a thousand images. An artist has to effectively condense the film’s story, tone, and even the visual style in one big image and this poster could become an influential and iconic one making the film a huge success. Film posters have become an out-and-out art form.

In the past, some amazingly beautiful and unique posters were created by devoting a lot of imagination and necessary time to it.  However, today thanks to the digitalization, marketing consultants are simply putting together a few photos of the actors in Photoshop, coloring it orange and teal, and then the poster is generated with no effort. However, genuine film posters must be created following a few principles.

As per, it is quite well-known that marketing plays a pivotal role in the filmmaking ecosystem yet, poster-making has today become a totally lazy practice. We understand that studios are spending billions of dollars for effectively promoting and marketing to the movie enthusiasts but the audiences are shrinking and the film posters are at best looking like some DIY projects created with extremely ordinary scraps put together by somebody who is lacking in the necessary skills. You must know a few critical things relating to film poster-designing and poster-making before you start designing a Hollywood movie poster.

The Poster Design Process Is Time-Consuming

Nobody could understand how much effort and time go into a poster design. People assume that film posters could be generated by taking a picture and putting suitable text on it. But poster designing involves roughly 18 months of hard work and brainstorming before a film is released. During this script approval stage, it is expected that designers would be coming up with a series of increasingly precise posters. After the film’s launch, they would need to create further designs for the collectors’ edition or DVD release. For an expected blockbuster, poster artists would be required to create a minimum of 20 to 40 designs every week for about a year commencing even before the live shooting of the film. Poster artists have to rely on their imagination and creativity to design these posters since they have nothing to use as a reference.

Poster Artists Must Work Fast

An average poster designer would need to generate one or maybe a couple of finished projects every week. However, he may have to work on three distinct projects daily. He would be starting a project in the morning, then start working on another project at lunch and finally, start working on the third project of the day before the working day gets over. The poster designers or poster artists are compelled to follow crazy schedules. They need to be proficient and highly-skilled to deliver the assignments very fast. Thanks to their incredible dedication and hard work some film posters become iconic. Now poster collectors could buy movie posters online.

You Are Just a Part of a Large Team

A poster designer is simply a small part of a much broader network of artists, designers, and other creative people like copywriters, photographers, studio executives, and directors, etc. Moreover, the core design team of a big company could comprise over 80 designers. Poster-making is implementing a factory approach today and it involves many professionals.

Conclusion: Always Remember a Film Poster is an Effective Marketing & Sales Tool Not Fine Art

A Hollywood movie poster is an effective marketing and promotion tool. Its aim is essentially to grab the audience attention and lead them to the movie‘s central plot twist and thereafter, leave them asking for more. The audience’s next step should be a visit to the movie theater to watch the film. Your film poster is a sales and marketing tool. According to experts a film poster is surely artistic but cannot be regarded as an art piece.

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