How The Color Of Your Bedroom Can Affect Your Sleep?

Homeowners make the best of their efforts to make homes as comfortable as possible. After all, a home is a haven from this chaotic world. This might be a bit surprising for you but the choice of paint color can significantly affect the comfort level of your home.

Here are a few examples in your daily life. Do you often see restaurants decorated with red and yellow colors? Have you noticed that nearly all of the hospitals have blue and white paint? Do you find it difficult to sleep in the red color theme of bedroom? These are not mere coincidences.

Humans have understood the effect of the color of surroundings on emotional and physical health. The red and yellow colors of restaurants are to stimulate hunger and excitement so that you eat more. Hospitals are painted blue to induce calmness and relaxation for patients and attendants.

Like the quality of your mattress and sheet sets, the color of your bedroom affects your sleep cycle and its quality. It is supported by many studies. The most important being the study conducted on 2000 bedrooms of Britain by Travelodge.

What Is Healthy Sleep?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, on average, adults should receive sound sleep of about 7-9 hours. The time may vary for different individuals but only with slight changes. Some people need consecutive sleep where others prefer six hours of sleep with a nap in between the waking hours.

What Is The Importance Of Healthy Sleep?

Harvard medical students have summarized the benefits of sleep from various scientific studies. Healthy sleep cycles are known to boost immunity, memory, learning, metabolism and emotional well-being.

For kids and teens, healthy sleep is crucial for growth and development. It improves decision making and socializing abilities.

What Are The Consequences Of Insufficient Sleep?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 50 to 70 million people fail to sleep through the night. These figures are alarming as insufficient sleep has associated health concerns. It affects emotional health and performance. Thus, lack of sleep can be a cause of occupational injuries and death. Moreover, it causes hypertension, obesity and problem-solving issues.

Which Features Of Your Rooms Affect Your Sleep?

Healthy sleep comes to healthy and happy people. But it is important to understand that several features of your room contribute to healthy sleep. The wrong choice of these features can affect the sleep quality of healthy people and worsen the condition for sick people.

Important features are as follows.

  • Paint color of your room walls

  • Paint sheen and textures

  • Incoming light can interfere with healthy sleep.

  • Indoor air quality and thermal comfort

  • Humidity levels

  • Sound interruptions

  • Bed mattress

  • Pillows


Effect Of Color Choice

This article will take you through the effect of color choice. Here follows a list of colors to be avoided and sleep inducive colors.


Colors To Be Avoided

  • Red

It is a romantic choice for many people but it interferes with normal sleep pattern. The red color is energetic and increases blood pressure. It is stimulant for eyes and brain thus it makes falling asleep difficult.

  • Purple

The most un-appropriate color for a bedroom is purple. According to the survey by Travelodge people sleeping in purple rooms reported sleep of about 5-6 hours per night.  It is a rich color which makes settling down quite difficult.

  • Gray

It might appear quite deep and comfortable at first sight but it induces depression. It can un-inspire and feelings of gloominess take over a person. People sleeping in gray rooms report average sleep duration to be 6 hours which is insufficient for most of the people.

  • Brown

It is not too bold but is known to create a feeling of restlessness. People trying to sleep in brown rooms feel uncomfortable without realizing the effect of this warm color. Brown is associated with sad feelings and is not a good choice for bedrooms.

  • White

White is an elegant color but white reflects all colors and is too bright for eyes and brain to relax. Moreover, this is a color of workaholics as they report taking their work to room as much as three times a week.

Sleep Inducive Colors

Enough of restlessness and disturbing talk, let us look at the cozy sleep-inducing colors.

  • Blue

Blue is the best color choice if you crave healthy sleep. According to the survey on British homes, 58% of the people sleeping blue rooms reported sound sleep. Average sleep duration was recorded as long as 7 hours and 52 minutes. It lifts the mood and people wake up feeling happy and energetic.

It induces the feelings of calmness and relaxation. It soothes muscles and evokes feelings of tranquility.

  • Orange

This might appear too bold for sleep but it relaxes muscles and lets the inhabitants’ sleep well. Warm and rich shades of orange create stable and reassuring atmospheres. Just don’t overdo it.

  • Yellow

Lighter hues of yellow are calming to look at and project a soothing vibe. Don’t go for too bright cheery yellows.

  • Green

Green, the color of nature, is known to infuse tranquility and calmness. It helps relax.

  • Silver

This metallic color might appear too bold but reports affirm that people easily sleep in silver rooms.

This is how certain colors are better for sleep while others are not. It might not be surprising that wood flooring color also contributes to warm and cozy homes.

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