6 Health Tech Innovations That Will Improve the Lives of Million

Health tech innovations are the answer to many healthcare industry challenges. However, their main goal is to improve the lives of millions of people around the world.

The latest achievements in health tech are fully focused on changing lives in both developed and developing countries. These solutions vary because healthcare needs are also different. However, when these innovations become widespread, the lives of millions of people around the world will change. Most of the innovations in the healthcare sector are presented by large companies and startups at the Health Tech conferences. Every year more and more companies offer their solutions in this area.

1. Innovative Swaddles and Blankets

Even such a familiar thing as a swaddle or blanket for an infant can be improved with the help of health tech. This was proven by Embrace Innovations. They released a whole product line using a special fabric developed by NASA. Its peculiarity is the ability to balance the temperature of the child’s skin, preventing overcooling or overheating. That is, regardless of the conditions, the child remains in the most comfortable temperature conditions.

The company also helps developing countries. For each item purchased from the line, they provide a blanket for a child in a developing country.

2. AR for Surgeries Optimization

Lots of the latest technologies improve the diagnostic process. In the early stages, many diseases can be identified or a rapid test to detect cancer can be performed. There are even training programs to improve the skills of specialists, in particular, surgeons. However, no solution improves the surgery itself: physicians are forced to distract from the patient to check with the data of the images or tests.

Augmented reality is the case when health and tech have come together to solve this challenge. The patient’s anatomy is superimposed on his body as a 3D model. This allows the surgeon to more accurately perform any manipulations and significantly reduces the time and cost of the procedure.

3. Clean Water Challenges

The problem of clean water is equally relevant for developed and developing countries. Despite the already existing cleaning methods and developed filters, it is not always possible to implement these solutions. Health tech startups offer customized water treatment solutions. These are portable filters that purify water in minutes. Besides, they offer filter straws that allow you to drink water directly from the source.

These are lightweight tools that anyone can take on the road or carry in the event of a disaster when the main source is contaminated. And this is a particularly necessary device in the developing countries of Africa, where clean water is rare.

4. Worldwide Access to Medical Records

Quite often, the doctor can not properly diagnose or prescribe treatment, as he does not have the entire patient’s medical history. This happens for various reasons: the card was lost, the patient changed the hospital and records were not transferred, etc. Online records are not a new idea, but the security issue and the preservation of personal data have always troubled patients.

The combination of three disruptive technologies — Blockchain, AI, and Cloud Computing — became the public health tech solution to this problem. Thanks to the blockchain technology, it became possible to store the medical history and to give doctors in other hospitals and patients access to it. Cloud solutions have expanded storage capabilities, and the AI ​​analyzes data faster, helping to diagnose and prescribe treatment.

5. Heals Tech Solution for Air Polluted Regions

Unfortunately, human activity leads not only to innovation but also to destruction. In recent years has significantly increased the number of places in the world where the air is polluted. This may be due to natural phenomena, but the main reason is man-made disasters or human activity. Scientists have found that prolonged inhalation of polluted air causes respiratory diseases and shortens the life span.

That is why health tech activists created a wearable detector of air quality. It reports real-time pollution data, warning to wear a respirator. Besides, global pollution maps were created. This allows to assess the extent of the problem and develop an optimal solution.

6. Robots vs. Humans

Medical robots have been successfully implemented in leading hospitals around the world for several years. They are not autonomous but equipped with sufficiently developed AI to perform routine tasks on their own. However, the new achievement of behavioral health tech can locate not in a hospital but the patient’s house. Many medical studies show that loneliness becomes a critical factor for many diseases, such as cardiovascular or mental.

A small friendly companion robot with intuitive settings can support a conversation, remind you about taking medicine or appointments. What is more, it supports video chatting with a doctor or relatives.

The widespread use of health tech resources and solutions occurs rather slowly for various reasons. Somewhere it is necessary to conduct a serious transformation of the medical system. And somewhere there is not enough funding for innovation. However, these factors do not hinder the development of the health tech industry. On the contrary, it encourages developers to make their products available worldwide.

Which of the proposed innovations would you like to try out immediately? Which of the new developments seemed most useful to you? Share your opinion in the comments, please!

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