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Tips and Tricks to Market Music

Being successful in the music industry is a journey of resilience and consistency. An individual is competing with hundreds of other artists live and on social media as well. It is the endeavor of crawling your way up on the ladder of success. Conversely, a lot of people are not aware of the proper techniques to create a fan following for them and market their music in a way that it becomes a sensation. Their failed attempts of producing songs consecutively with a mere hope of someone discovering their talent leaves them demotivated from the whole system. Today, we will give you some valuable tips and tricks which are some of the experts of music trivia contest winners of marketing your music services in a way that you are on the top cloud of success in a limited period.

  • Social Media As An Important Tool:

The best way to go viral these days is through social media. You will see thousands of people sharing your music videos and other commenting on it which will have a ripple effect. Use of Twitter and Facebook requires a comprehensive marketing strategy that can steer your fans in the right direction. The question here is on how to create such a post. People are more inclined to watch things which are fun and creative. Think about adding video content as it is liked by everyone and it is also a way of engaging your listeners with your exceptional music skills. Social media is one of the ways to win loyal fans who will follow your community for a longer period of time. The critical decision to make is which social media platform will serve your needs. You have created a marketing strategy first in order to gain more popularity on Instagram and Facebook. Social media communities grow at an exponential rate as they live on everyone’s phones which is easily accessible.

  • Play Complimentary Music Shows:

If you are at the foundation level in your career, it’s a good idea to create awareness from public presence. The best way to do so is to accept complimentary offers to show your talent and secure a place in the mainstream. The critical factor here is to thoroughly assess the opportunity at hand. You have analyzed the place and audience as that might become your legacy. Expert musicians suggest that you should ask questions like who the other players with you are or what the anticipated size of the audience is. It is a good place to start if you are not much experienced with the crowd. You will be able to figure out the type of people who like your music. In this way, you will have grounds to set future marketing strategies for your musical career.

  • Market your Music and Merchandise to a larger audience:

It is essential that you have your music in the places where music lovers go like CDBaby and TuneCore are some of the digital distribution centers. You will be more popular if more ears are listening to your voice. Some of the platforms like Soundcloud have copywriting issues but they have loyal customers who might be interested in your music. On the other hand, it is imperative to distribute your merchandise in the concerts as well as making sure that they are available to your fans on online retailers’ websites like Bandcamp or Amazon. You will make a lasting impression if you go beyond the bubble of the digital world. Some people might still be interested in your CDs or may buy your merchandise if they catch an eye of them in the nearest store.

  • Company of Experienced Artists:

It is best that you can mingle with artists who play similar music. They will be able to give you ideas on how you can progress and the struggles they faced in the real world. You will be able to gain more coverage if you appear with any of the famous musicians. They are the stars of their times and have a huge fan following. In the limelight of their appearance, you will also be able to persuade the people around you to demonstrate your talents.

  • Importance of Music Videos:

Platforms like Facebook and YouTube have billions of people watching videos every single day. A video with a blatant image might become a demise of your music career. The best strategy here is to produce a video with an astonishing concept which also complements your music. Even if it clicks to one user, he will share it on his social media page that will have a ripple effect. Your video will be viral in no time. Video content is easier to watch and takes less time. This is the reason that around 45% of music lovers prefer to watch the video with a song as well. You will be amazed to see the response of a low budget but well-thought videos like Strokes “Someday” which is just demonstrating a bunch of friends hanging out together and smoking.

  • Using Social Media Platforms:

Every day millions of people are sharing and posting stuff about their life on the internet. Social media and videos sharing platforms are one of the many ways to market your music adequately and make sure your voice is heard by your targeted audience. The best way is to use a various variety of forums to share your music like Dailymotion and Vimeo. The visualizations of your music will keep a lasting effect on your listeners and they will start searching for you on the internet. This is one of the frequently used marketing strategies which almost always works in the digital world.


If you are passionate enough in writing exceptional music and talented to employ the above strategies, you will surely shine in the light of your fans’ love. Your escapade might take some time with a couple of obstacles in your way but nothing which you can’t handle. The best strategy is to have a plan in hand to successfully launch your music albums and incorporate a marketing strategy that will yield results.

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