Giadora deserves major props for “Twisted”

Giadora deserves major props for “Twisted”. I like great songs about love gone wrong, there’s always a flash of nasty edge found in those tunes that, if nothing else does, convinces you the singer has lived through those hard times and can now tell the tale. There’s a lot more of that than normal in Giadora’s “Twisted”. She’s arriving in a big way with a debut number this good and it is all the more impressive to hear the chin held high confidence in every verse and chorus. “”Twisted” isn’t a long song, but rather just long enough to explore his slate of musical and lyrical ideas alike without ever snapping a listener’s patience in half and overstaying its welcome. This is a pop song, without question, and a danceable number, but “Twisted” has something serious to say as well for anyone who cares to listen.


The message of the song isn’t always an easy listen. “Twisted” depicts the toll taken from a relationship built on lies and shows what is left afterwards. Heartache, recrimination, and regret fill this track. They are given their plainest expression through the song’s lyrics but you cannot say enough about how Giadora’s phrasing enlivens this aspect of the performance. She knows which lines to stress and which ones to pull back on the reins with; it’s a rare skill. She reaches full flight with the chorus and those emotive heights make for some of the highest points on this single.

The dance aspects of this track cannot be denied. It has a strong physical beat from near the beginning and the electronic spot on precision of the rhythm encourages you to move to the music. I love how this track reaches out and takes a hold of the listener. It never strikes an overwrought note, thankfully, during its condensed running time. There is, instead, a surety of purpose from the beginning that never deserts the track and keeps you involved throughout. This reaches a level of engagement that few other modern songs match or surpass.

The beginning of Giadora’s career makes her stand out in a number of ways. There’s the innate vocal talent apparent from the outset, the musical identity that takes over from near the beginning and persists throughout the entire track, and the undoubted presence she brings to the song that helps send it over the top. “Twisted” is more than just a five star pop single; it is a substantive personal and musical statement capable of resounding long past its initial release.


It is these sonic ingredients that make a track worth remember. The mix of varying musical and lyrical elements making “Twisted” stand apart from a field of imitators and contemporaries is not something you can rehearse; instead, it is something you are born and blessed with. Those gists are apparent throughout the entirety of this track and you get every sense you will hear them again from this prodigious talent. “Twisted” is far from an empty confection and has lasting value.

by Bethany Page

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