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INTERVIEW: Natalie Clark

Hi Natalie, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hello there! I’m doing well, thank you!! Very busy, which I love! It was always a dream to be a full-time working musician, so I still get a bit of a thrill when I’m busy day to day working on music!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Grown Ass Woman”?

I’m so excited that it’s finally out there as I wrote it when I had not long moved to L.A. from Scotland. I was a full-time school teacher in Scotland and eventually decided to pursue my dream of being a singer/songwriter and move to America! It turns out ‘living the dream’ is expensive, especially in L.A.!!! So this song is a cheeky, honest (but also hopefully empowering) song about being brave enough to GIVE YOUR DREAM A SHOT (while figuring out how to pay your bills doing so! Ha!)

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

The truth be told, I was actually cat-sitting at the time as I couldn’t afford to pay rent. I was with a friend one day as she was shopping and I saw an incredible pair of boots! My friend gave me a reality check as of course I couldn’t afford to buy a pair of boots if I couldn’t even pay rent! She was absolutely right! But I remember saying, “I’m a grown ass woman and I can’t even buy myself a pair of boots!” I was just feeling frustrated and longing for financial stability as I had come from that steady paycheck in Scotland, to then having to dog-sit/cat-sit/house-sit….basically whatever it took to just stay in L.A!

Tell us about the video!

The video was so joyful to make! I wanted it to be just an honest, straightforward but colorful narration of my story of moving here to the States. We shot it on Melrose Ave, as it has that quintessential vibrancy and energy of L.A. It’s brimming with color and creativity so I felt it would be the perfect backdrop! It was directed by an incredible friend, Heather McKay who also directed the previous video for my single, ‘More than a Mountain’. She’s such an amazing talent and I’m so lucky I got to work with her on these videos!

How was the recording and writing process?

I started writing the song that very same day as the ‘boots incident’! I finished it pretty quickly and then took it to a friend and producer I know, Jan Fairchild. He’s worked with absolute legends such as Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder so I still can’t believe how fortunate I am that I get to work with him! Jan worked on the song with another great producer, Julio Tavarez. I actually ended up putting this song on the back burner for a couple of years though, but always felt that when the time was right I would put it out there! So this year we worked on the song with another incredible producer, Todd Spadafore and the song just came to life! I knew it was ready to get out there!

What role does LA play in your music?

I still feel so lucky to live in such a creative city! It’s the hub of the entertainment industry so I’m always surrounded by such talented and driven creatives! There are so many people out here who are working on their dream and I find that incredibly inspiring! I definitely feel that this inspiration affects my song writing and fuels my desire to keep working on my craft!

How did your musical perspective change as you move from Scotland over the states?

Scotland has a fantastic, thriving music scene too and there’s so many incredible musicians over there! I was lucky to be brought up surrounded by that! So moving here to LA just opened up my mind to other musical styles too and has given me the opportunity to work with musicians who come from completely different backgrounds. I think it’s always good to just keep learning and working with other people from all walks of life and with different musical sensibilities.

How’s your new EP coming along?

It’s pretty much done! I’m so excited!

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

Yes! It’s going to be called ‘Head North’. This was my jokey mantra to myself when I was going through any struggles. I would say to myself, ‘just head to the north!’, ie. Just keep going! It’s my equivalent of Dory’s ‘just keep swimming’! Basically just the idea of following your own North Star and not giving up! Before I even knew what songs would be on the E.P., I knew it was going to be called Head North! It’ll be coming out towards the end of August!

Any plans to hit the road?

I’m about to head east to play a Sofar Sounds show in New York, Aug 9th! I absolutely love the East coast so I’m excited to get back there! I’m also looking at a US tour later in the year!

What else is happening next in Natalie Clark’s world?

I’m so excited to be launching a Merchandise line soon! I actually designed the line myself and I’m absolutely delighted with how the clothing turned out! Seeing my own designs come to fruition and having that first T-shirt in my hand was quite surreal! The designs are very personal and meaningful to me. I wanted them to hopefully convey the positive message of my music and also mix elements of my Scottish heritage with American motifs – I’m proud to be Scottish and also love living in America!!

Upcoming Tour Dates:

  • Aug 09 – New York, NY @ SoFar Sounds

  • Aug 20 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel Cafe

Social Media/Website:

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