A Refresher on ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ Before its Netflix Special

Did you hear that there is a new Rocko’s Modern Life special debuting soon? You may have heard about it, and figured it already happened. That’s fair. The first news we heard of regarding Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling was 2016. We saw a trailer for it in 2017. It was supposed to debut in 2018 on Nickelodeon. Then…it didn’t. And we heard nothing. However, just as suddenly good news arrived, as it was announced the special would indeed air, now on Netflix. Static Cling will hit the streaming giant on August 9.

This is notable news, because we haven’t see anything new from Rocko’s Modern Life since 1996. Yes, it’s been a while. For children of the ‘90s, Rocko’s Modern Life was a touchstone. However, in the ensuing 20-plus years, you may have forgotten what it was all about. So, consider this a brief primer to get you prepped for Static Cling.

Rocko is a wallaby who lives in O-Town with his dog Spunky. His best friend is a loud, dumb steer named Heffer. He has another friend named Filburt, who is a neurotic turtle. Rocko’s neighbors are the Bigheads, and Mr. Bighead doesn’t really like him. It was a show full of wacky, logic-defying adventures. Episodes, like so many cartoons of the era, were about 12 minutes long. Rocko was usually put upon, but he’d almost always get by.

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What set Rocko apart from other Nick offerings, at least to impressionable children, is that it was fairly edgy for a kid’s show. The cartoon could be downright ribald at times. Maybe because it was animated, and starred animals, they got away with a weird amount of (also weird) nudity. For a while they ate at a restaurant called “Chokey’s Chicken.” They used the word “Hell” on a couple occasions, which, among shows like Doug and Rugrats, certainly stood out.

Thinking back on it as an adult, it usually reads as a bit sophomoric, edge for the sake of edge, and I’m not really a gross-out humor guy anyway. That being said, it was probably my favorite Nick cartoon at the time, and I do remember some jokes quite fondly. I especially remember the iconic “Wacky Delly” episode, which is just straight-up bizarre in a wonderful way.

There you go. That’s what you need to remember. Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling will be here soon. Now you’re ready to dive in. Fingers crossed it’s worth the wait.

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